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Career Paths

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by slow_loris, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. I am currently an Early Years teacher and loving my job.
    But, whilst being a male EYFS teacher is a bit of a unique selling point and a positive thing during my late twenties and now into my early thirties, I don't deceive myself that I can continue in the classroom environment for the rest of my career, much as I'd like to.
    So I'm now starting to think about future career paths. I want to stay in Early Years, but outside of the classroom. I don't really have any desire to go into a management role, so I need to be thinking about other options. The part of my job I love the most is literacy, and I am also quite interested in speech therapy. I also love planning EYFS activities and lessons.
    I have no idea what options are available to a teacher looking to move out of the classroom - all advice will be gratefully received!
  2. What a shame it's not working with the children in the classroom that is
  3. Thanks for that, very helpful.

    Of course I love working with children, that's why I'm in the job. I meant the part of the job that interests me.

    Please can I only have constructive responses that don't call my professionalism into question from now on, thank you.
  4. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    It's a tricky one. I think for any kind of LA/advisory role they may be looking for more experience including management experience. And those jobs are disappearing anyway. Educational publishing? Again they may be looking for wider experience. If you've spent your whole career in early years, it may be worth thinking about moving phase.
  5. Educational publishing was not something I had considered, that might be something I could look into. I am willing to retrain to move into new areas within Early Years education, I just don't know where to do it, or what direction is best for me - also whether it is feasible to gain training whilst continuing to work. I will keep researching, thanks for the advice!
  6. boatmanco

    boatmanco New commenter

    Hi slow loris

    As you love literacy and ey, you considered a postgraduate qualification? Either early years or literacy? Or even sen? This would give you a deeper understanding possibly in the areas you find most inspiring. this could lead to being a leading teacher for county or you may find your studies direct you to an aspect for further study or publication. Retraining as a speech therapist may be something to consider but you couldn't work full time and do this. A postgrad qualification could be done part time and many courses are twilight sessions.
    Does the outdoors interest you? You could train as a forest school leader? With ey and fs you could work training other practitioners.

    Good luck.

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