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Career path advice

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by elspethallen1, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Dear John,
    Career advice would be appreciated. I have worked for the past 11 years in a secure children's home, the last 6 have been as a deputy head of education. Following knee surgery I have been dismissed as restraint training in an 'essential criteria of my post' and Occ. health have deemed it unsafe for me to do so. I am struggling to find a post to apply for as because of my specialist past work area, main stream schools see me as either too highly qualified (MA in Education in Autism) and/or not enough recent main stream work experience. I have been applying for main teaching jobs obviously way below my existing salary but am aware I do not have the expereince to take me into management in main stream. Where do I go from here?
    I originally trained as a Home Economics teacher, have OU qualifications in maths and ICT, was responsible in my school for ICT delivery as well as sexual health and education and child development. I was also Healthy schools coordinator and stood in for the head during his long term absence preparing and leading during a successful Ofsted inspection. My most recent teaching experience is in KS3 and 4 but have also taught KS1 in the past.

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