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Career crossroads...

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by Sidz10, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Sidz10

    Sidz10 New commenter

    Good evening,

    I have been a teacher for many years and I have Middle Management experience in both academic and pastoral positions. I absolutely love teaching and teacher / line manager / OFSTED feedback says that I am outstanding at what I do. However, I am unhappy. I am tired of the constant change. I am tired of jumping through hoops. I am tired of all of the red tape. I am tired of not being able to do what I love - teach.

    I am wondering what to do. I am completely disillusioned with the profession. I am fed up of not being valued or appreciated. I am annoyed with myself that I bring my discontent home to my family every evening.

    I feel that there must be schools out there who do appreciate their staff, who do make an effort with staff morale and well being and who do try to support their teachers work / home life balance. A school where teachers are happy and enjoy going to every day. I know that the spine of what we all need to do these days is the same but doing this in an environment of support and understanding, a place where there is a staff togetherness would make all of this so much more bearable.

    Do I just need to change schools? If so - how will I know that the next school will be any different? Do I leave education altogether? I've looked at alternatives and I can't see a job that I could achieve a similar salary with. Or do I bite the bullet and take the next natural, logical step - senior leadership?!? I always promised myself that I would only ever make this move internally so I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

    My first school was a fantastic place to work - but it was a challenging, inner city school and staff had to be there to support each other. This experience of an Academy - my only experience, has left me feeling that they are soulless and lack any warmth at all. Contracted hours, no staff room, no offices, no enjoyment...! Is this true of all academies?

    I am at a total loss as to which way to go next. But I know I can't stay at the place I am now.

    Any thoughts / feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Just writing this has been cathartic in itself!


  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

  3. Sidz10

    Sidz10 New commenter

    Thank you very much.
  4. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    Absolutely agree with theo - I have worked in indies and state/academy (over the past two-three years after teaching TEFL and at university) and think that the indies are a great place to work. Although I work longer days and have marking, exam making, meetings, etc., it is on a smaller scale - for instance, last year at a grammar/academy, 400+ reports; new school (girls' independent) - 75. I have more time for marking, looking at exercise books (every few weeks), and also for pastoral care and 1-2-1 even within classes (one year 9 class has 8 students who have studied the language since year 7, 2 new students joining within the last 6 months - these students now have an older student as a language buddy, I have time to address their needs with lower level activities within the class - with the hope that they will (with some self-study, on the same level by mid- to late-January), but also provide a good lesson to those of the correct level and there are certain activities within that class where cultural activities or vocabulary is similar. In my independent school environment, I can explain why, show the evidence accordingly and am encouraged to continued this approach.

    I would strongly recommend looking at the independent sector - yes, the days may be longer, but you have a chance to breathe a bit as well....

    (apologies for spelling, am exhausted)

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