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Career change into teaching

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by wildprivet, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. <font size="3">Hi,I am considering a career change into primary school teaching. I have worked for local government for the last 15 years in various IT roles; systems analysis, systems development, web design, project management, asset management and managed a support team.Since my son started school in Sept 2009, I have been inspired by the teachers and the school and now really want to teach. I have a well paid job and enjoy my job so I am struggling to deal with this desire to teach! My mind is saying one thing and my heart another. I can&rsquo;t help but feel that a move to teaching right now will leave me unemployed as I keep reading about how many teachers are out of work, NQT&rsquo;s unable to find jobs, etc. Yet, i really want to pursue it asap.I am mid-way through a GCSE science course and also studying with the OU to top up my Information Systems degree to an Open (hons) degree, to meet the entry requirements for the PGCE.I am also helping 1/2 day a week in the school as a parent helper, and LOVE it.Should I wait a few years to apply for teacher training until job prospects are possibly better? (once I quit my job for the training there will be no going back)Would my existing skills be of any use in a school? Does anyone else share my dilemma?Confused.com</font>
  2. hmm the formatting did not look that before i posted it, sorry!
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Now is not a great time for looking at Primary teaching, fewer jobs more trainees coming out every year, many of whom still haven't found permanent posts, plus all the people like myself who,having had a family, would like to return to the profession.
    On the other hand we need new enthusiastic teachers, so you never know you might be one of the fortunate ones.
    What you need to weigh up are the costs of training & possibly not getting a job at the end of it, especially if your present employment is fairly secure & well-paid, versus your desire to be a teacher. Personally I would advise you to wait a bit, a job which isin any way secure is certainly better than an uncertain future one in our present climate.
  4. Hi
    I am in a similar position, I am a career changer looking to get into a career I have been passionate about for years. I am going into secondary and have recently landed a place on a GTP which is salaried albeit a significant cut from my current salary. I am hoping that the combination of being on a GTP and covering a "shortage" subject might improve my probability of securing a FT post.
    My wife is a primary teacher and she has found it difficult to get a permanent post, but they are out there, most of her cohort of PGCEs in 2008 got jobs. In primary the demographics are changing, rolls are increasing and older staff are continuing to retire, so it maybe that the situation improves in time. I would suggest that you try and get onto a GTP course which is wholly based in school, most the the GTP providers indicate that they get a high success rate in getting NQTs into positions. PGCEs tend to be less school based and more theoretical, my wife did a PGCE and said that it did very little to prepare her for the real world of behaviour management etc, yet the work load was high, lots of meaningless assignments based on someones theory. Another consideration is that you will not get a bursary for Primary now, which may help in the long term as it will put all but the most determined off teaching and therefore there may be less NQTs chasing posts. Another reason as well for doing a GTP as you will get paid and there are no tuition fees.
    Best of luck with whatever you decide, but if you have the same drive as me then dont let it go!!

  5. Thank you both for the replies. I do think the GTP would be a better option than PGCE as it is exactly where you would gain the necessary experience. Although probably much harder to gain a place! Training is also changing so by the time I have completed all of my studies there may well be more option for class based learning, which I really would prefer.
    I am definitely not giving up, juggling 2 courses with a stressful job and a family is tough but i think it will be worth it eventually. It's just the timing of when to apply.
    I wouldn't say my job is secure at all. We have just gone through a re-organisation and all had to re-apply for our jobs, I was lucky. However, IT staff will be dramatically reduced over the next two years with a move to cloud computing.
    Maybe I'll be offered a nice little redundancy package that will help me through my year of training!
    I'm sure everything will fall into place eventually.


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