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Career change into primary teaching

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by ArthurDayne, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. ArthurDayne

    ArthurDayne New commenter

    Hi all.

    About 15 years ago, straight after uni I completed a pgce secondary in History, got my qts but never went on to do my nqt year as a secondary teacher.

    Despite this my career choices have kept me hovering around the education sector, first in learning and development and later in higher education and particularly online learning.

    Now being older and wiser and thinking of a career change and getting away from a career sat at a desk in front of a computer, I've started to think about primary teaching. I have primary age children now and it feels much more suitable career choice than for me in my early 20s.

    I've had a look around online and am looking for some advice or to know if anyone has been in this position themselves and got into teaching or can offer some advice?

    Thanks for your help
  2. Iggy_B

    Iggy_B New commenter

    After 13 yrs of teaching FE I switched to primary and it’s not an easy job to have with children of your own. I’m in the same boat with 2 young children of primary age and it’s hard to have a family life. Many primary schools are struggling with budget cuts and so teachers have to do a lot more with a lot less. I’ve been doing supply since January of last year and the burden of a tight budget isn't helped with the constant monitoring, marking and meetings for the sake of meetings. A common phrase is that it all depends on the school but from I’ve seen it’s across the whole sector.
  3. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    I have had a long career as a primary teacher. I've loved it in many ways. The children are amazing. However, I don't have children. Everything @Iggy_B says is true. You won't see much of your own children in term time. I struggle with the workload after more than 20 years in the job and you won't have the experience to know the shortcuts that I do.
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  4. patster

    patster New commenter

    Not exactly the same but after 15 years of teaching 11-18, I moved to primary school. In simple terms, I enjoy it more but I find it harder work than I did in secondary.
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