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Career change ideas

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by LozzaC, May 23, 2019.

  1. LozzaC

    LozzaC New commenter

    I am looking for new direction workwise.

    Anyone being successful in moving to another career?
    What have people moved onto?
  2. 50sman

    50sman Senior commenter

    What do you enjoy?
    What are you good at?
  3. k1tsun3

    k1tsun3 New commenter

    I really sat back to consider what I enjoyed. I knew I needed to be intellectually challenged, a career that requires me to be a lifelong learner and one that will offer a decent salary and more flexibility in the long-term. I know quite a few developers and my wife started as a games developer and is a VP of Product at an AI startup. She suggested learing to program. I played with it in the past, but I never took it seriously. I enrolled in CS50 on EdX (free) and loved it. So in Jan this year I quit teaching and completely focued on learning web development, mostly through free tutorials online and some cheap courses. I found two small business and offered my services for free to redesign their websites for a portfolio. I just secured my first junior dev role. I start next month. And my degree is in English, so not related to programming, but I did have some experience managing a website for a meetup group.

    It's important to not just jump into another role. I've seen people talk about jumping from job to job and not finding a career post-teaching. I did a lot of research on careers and loads of self-reflection. Before teaching I started training as an accountant and hated it. Then went into e-learning, which I loved, but the college funds were poorly managed and we were all let go, so I took up the PGCE offer I had. I wanted something that would stick. I wanted a career with a future and one that would give me more flexibility & work/life balance. I've been writing coding almost everyday since January.

    Good luck. I hope you figure it all out.
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  4. phoenix101

    phoenix101 New commenter

    I've heard the civil service offers lots of opportunities. You can even get flexible working options, including term-time working, so it can still be family-friendly if that's a concern. Lots of teaching skills are transferable to office work / business. Alternatively, some people go into related fields like educational publishing or consultancy. Good luck finding something that suits you.
  5. travelwings

    travelwings New commenter

    Great reply!
    Thank you for this. I am also an English teacher looking to leave the profession but know I can’t afford to quit straight away so am putting together an exit plan over a three year period.

    I have an English degree and have really been trying to figure out what I can do that’s related but your post has shown me I can branch out and do something very different to my degree.

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