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Career Advice...

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by strugglingHoD, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. strugglingHoD

    strugglingHoD New commenter


    I've had a tough couple of years, but i think i'm turning a corner. I've spent (nearly) 3 years battling to turn around a struglging department, made my mistakes, but this year i'm starting to see rewards.

    What i have decided is I do not want to stay in this school (i decided early on that it was not for me, but have still fought to make the department a success).

    But what now? I've tried applying for standard teacher roles, but I'm getting knocked back. it's me and 5 NQT's (I'm suspecting I'm too expensive, as the feedback is "nothing wrong, just decided to go in a different direction"), second in dept is not an option in my subject (Which would be perfect).

    Sideways move is possible, but again, it's difficult to find a sideways move if the results don't continue in their current upwards spiral(i don't think this is a problem, but its a concern) and my only excuse is distance to home (commute is 45 mins)

    Or, do i look higher? My work life balance is currently so far out of whack it's crazy and as i appear to be a work-a-holic, do i go for SLT? but i have kids and i want at some point to enjoy my life.....People tell me SLT is insane workload all the time?

    I have no idea which way i should move. I'm UPS1 and for the last 3 years i've been denied pay progression due to dept results, but it's a culture shift, so with results improving this year i think i should be eligible.
  2. strugglingHoD

    strugglingHoD New commenter

    ohh, and man management is my challenge, with a co-operative staff i think i could do it, but with the difficult staff...that hasn't been easy.
  3. topquark

    topquark New commenter

    It sounds like you want a much better work-life balance and still have financial stability.
    You may not be interested in making a move, but have you considered moving abroad? There are many packages out there that are tax free/include free housing for all the family/international BUPA/ yearly flights.

    I've worked in teaching roles as well as middle and senior management. I've been lucky enough to have my children educated in some of the best international schools and also been able to watch their sports days etc. Financially we have been better off. If you do your homework and pick the right school, you will be able to spend more time with your children, and you can easily afford to have someone to help you cook and clean in the house whilst you are accompanying the kids in the pool.

    Also many international schools place great value on experience, not simply trying to place cheap, young and inexperienced teachers in all available roles (which seems to be a typical UK recruitment strategy).

    Tearing your family away from the grandparents can seem to be a difficult factor however we have found that we can invite them for months and they are more than happy to escape the freezing British winters.
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  4. mothorchid

    mothorchid Star commenter

    Would it be possible to find the kind of post you require in the pastoral system? Or some sort of student manager? Or maybe an exams officer? I don't know how much of an issue money is for you, but can you face a drop in pay in return for a better work/life balance?
    Would supply be a way forward while you search for a more pleasing post?
    Good luck.
  5. Mr_G_ICT

    Mr_G_ICT New commenter

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