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Cardiff Met and UWTSD (Swansea)

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by slavetotherhythm91, Oct 25, 2019.


Cardiff Met or UWTSD (Swansea)

  1. Cardiff Met

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  2. UWTSD (Swansea)

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  1. slavetotherhythm91

    slavetotherhythm91 New commenter


    I am contemplating PGCE Primary for both Cardiff Met and UWTSD (University of Wales Trinity Saint David).

    I was wondering if anyone has had experience of either providers and would like to hear any thoughts, views on course content, structure, placements etc. I am trying to weigh up both and determine which is best for me.

    I also want to ask anyone who is a TAif there are any career paths in education you can take without a going down the PGCE route,particularly working within SEN. I realise you can work up to being a HLTA but I feel there is no structured path after that, other than taking the commonly travelled one asmentioned above.

    Thanks, any comments much appreciated !
  2. slavetotherhythm91

    slavetotherhythm91 New commenter

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