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carcassonne hotel/BB recommendations

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by templing, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. templing

    templing Occasional commenter

    In the Nimes / Avignon area, I really recommend the Orangerie hotel in Nîmes (well worth a visit - Avignon is small, can be visited in one day), not a chain, just wonderful, reasonable prices for what is a superb 3-star (should really be 4), full of character, roundabout 100 € / double at that time of the year

    Near Avignon, in Tarascon, we stayed in this wonderful luxury B&B (90 € /double),
    great hosts, they even drove us back to the Tarascon station!
    In Tarascon, we ate in this amazing restaurant, called Restaurant le Théâtre, the boss is mad! (in a nice way, he gave us lots of dishes to "taste" - for free - it was admittedly quiet, week day, but brilliant place, he used to be a thespian, hence the location)
    In Avignon, the Cloître Saint-Louis is just out of this world, we stayed there one night (pricey, 200 €/double but amazing place, 4-star)
    The other 2 nights in Avignon, we stayed at the Primotel (much cheaper!), part of the Frantour chain but excellent quality, very nice staff and wonderfully located, slap bang in centre (Place de l'Horloge - great informal tapas resto 50 yards away, tapaslocas).
    We wanted to stay here : http://www.alombredupalais.com/bedandbreakfast-avignon.htm
    (lots of excellent recommandations) but it was full
    Make sure you visit Les Baux de Provence
    The Cathédrale d'Images (500 yards from village) is amazing:
    Arles is also a must-visit, especially at Easter, massive Feria.

  2. templing

    templing Occasional commenter

    Not to forget Saint-Rémy de Provence, great place, very lively and provençal (built concentrically with inner circles around church / central square), bril' market (huge, on wednesdays I think)
    Near Saint-Rémy, the Musée des Arômes et du Parfum in an old abbey in Graveson-en-Provence is also a must-visit:

  3. Brilliant - thank you!!!!

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