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car seats in the front of the car

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bunique, May 1, 2011.

  1. No advice re being in the front, but I would check if having airbags turned off affects your insurance :)
  2. clematis - thanks its rear facing seat - £80 ouch!
    bunique - thanks hadn't thought about that. Its only for a week when we go away - can get more luggage in the car if I am in the back rather than LO.
  3. It is fine to put car seats in the front if the airbags are switched off (or if they were never fitted in the passenger side to start with). Some cars already have a switch fitted so that you can deactivate the passenger airbag - one of our cars does, you could check your manual to see if yours does. If not about 80 - 100 pounds sounds about right to get it de activated but then you might need to pay to get it activated again afterwards? unless they fit a switch that you can turn on and off? I can't see that it would affect insurance as lots of cars don't have passenger airbaggs as standard anyway.
  4. If this is just for a holiday might be cheaper to hire a car with the airbag not fitted / with a switch to turn it off, espetially if it affects insurance premiums.
    If you hire a car with a switch then you could turn i off to get luggage to holiday and then turn it back on for day trips and back off for the return journey
  5. thanks ladies - we have decided to save the hassle and put him in the back. Can't see the point in having to pay to have them turned off and then again to have them turned back on. - we looked into hiring a car - but it just wasn't worth the extra cost. Can't believe how expensive it is.

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