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car mot

Discussion in 'Personal' started by slippeddisc, May 18, 2011.

  1. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    My car mot is due in mid June. If I get it done this weekend and it fails can I wait till half term to get it fixed? A week and a bit later?
  2. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    My car mot is due in mid June. If I get it done this weekend and it fails can I wait till half term to get it fixed? A week and a bit later?
  3. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Lead commenter

  4. Yes. Mine failed on Monday, will get it fixed and retested on Friday. MOT valid until end of May.
  5. inq


    I thought once your car has failed an MOT you can't drive it on the road other than to a garage to get it fixed/ retested.
  6. There you go!
  7. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Lead commenter

    So you've learnt something today ...
  8. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

  9. surely it depends on whether or not your MOT certificate is still in date? If you get it tested early and it fails - well the old certificate covers it still for you to drive - as when it does pass they date it from the old one.
    That website says the car can't be driven if it doesn't have a <u>current</u> certificate, which as long as you're having the test done early you will still have.
  10. oops crossed posts!
  11. dumpty

    dumpty Lead commenter

    Be careful. If your car fails and you drive it away from the premises, they may not allow a free re-test - so check that first.
    You can drive home with a failed MOT 100% legally. (Unless the MOT tester writes n the failure certificate that the car is in a dangerous condition).
    Once home, you can only use the car again on a public road if you are on the way to a booked MOT (or free re-test). In both circumtances the garage you are booked in to visit should have the car booked in (reg number), not your name. (For the jobsworth copper who may do you for no proof the car you are driving is the one booked in).
    Your only fear of driving without an MOT is the police, real live police. They need to see you, follow you and run an ANPR check (computer check of tax, insurance and MOT) and then stop you to clear things - they will want proof the car is on the way to the MOT (and may call the garage to check, hence the reg number being your trump card).

  12. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    My understanding is that if your car fails an MOT then it cannot be driven even if the old MOT has not expired. I'm not sure if failures are logged (passes are so that Police can check on the PNC) but if you had a crash during that period after the failure you may not be insured.
  13. The MOT is valid until its expiry date but if you were driving an unroadworthy vehicle before the test then driving around after an MOT fail in a still unroadworthy vehicle is foolish. Even if you follow the rules about taking your car to a place of repair or for a retest you could still be stopped by the police and charged.
    Here is a quote from the Direct.gov site.
    Why you need an MOT certificate

    It is generally an offence to use on a public road, a vehicle of testable age that doesn?t have a current test certificate, except when:
    taking it to a test station for an MOT test booked in advance
    bringing it away from a test station after it has failed the MOT test, to a place of repair
    taking it to a place, by previous arrangement, where problems that caused the vehicle to fail its MOT test, can be repaired
    bringing it away from a place where the problems with the vehicle have been repaired

    Even in the above circumstances you may still be prosecuted for driving an unroadworthy vehicle if it doesn?t comply with various regulations affecting its construction and use. Your car insurance may also be invalid.

    The police can ask to see an MOT certificate for a vehicle that needs to have one. They also have access to the computerised records of MOT test results and can tell if the MOT certificate for your vehicle has expired.
  14. Aaarrggh! Why can't TES get this forum sorted with simple stuff like paragraphing!!! This is the ONLY forum I know that is total rubbish in this respect.
  15. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    And expired means the vehicle has been found to be unroadworthy instead of the date the paperwork the MOT says is due.
    Welcome to the real world, Harsh.
  16. dumpty

    dumpty Lead commenter

    I am not sure if the amount has changed now, but I remember when teaching in a 'challenging' area of London (2009) that a parent told me he was angry as he'd been fined sixty pounds on the spot (on the way to school with kids) for no MOT.
    As he then pointed out, he had not had an MOT for 5 years, saving himself near on 275 pounds (if using government prices), so he 'wasn't too upset, come to think of it'.
    I missed the part about the OP still having an 'old' and valid MOT, but as others have said, an ANPR check by the police will still lead to them wanting to know what is going on, and they can issue tickets for the defects + compound the car if they feel the defects are dangerous.
    The OP will certainly be 'advertising' his/herself to the police and needs to be aware of this.
  17. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    If you want to be really pedantic about it, as some of our more anal brethren are being, the MOT test is a snapshot of roadworthiness at the time it is performed. You can drive out of the MOT hit a pothole damage a tyre or trackrod and render it unroadworthy.
    BUT that is not what the law states. the idea of unexpired MOT on the previous years (the 28 day rule) is to allow you to get it tested and have the right documentation in place before the old one expires at the stated date. The police have the right to stop a vehicle and issue defect notices or even take a car to be examined even if the car is in MOT, but they suspect something.
    Basically you take your car to be MOTd within the last 28 days. If it fails you have until the expiry date to fix it while still driving it, when retested if it passes ok.
    I knew an idiot at Uni who never bought road tax, he said he had been done once in ten years paying a 200 quid fine, but had saved a bundle.

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