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Capsule wardrobe of Autumn 2011!!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by the apprentice, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Does anyone have a capsule wardrobe??? if so what in it!? I really need to sort through my stuff and up date..but as a forty something..now haven't a clue what to wear!!
  2. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Tunic dresses and leggings for me.
  3. A snowy landscape , a lion and a strange woman who is trying to kill me.
  4. I'm not a 100% sure what a capsule wardrobe is - is it to do with having certain essentials? If so, then:

    Brown (has to be brown) boots
    Black maryjanes
    A few belts in different colours. I favour an obi style these days, in case you're interested :p
    A couple of shift dresses
    A full skirt (black is good)
    A small black cardigan
    Thick tights in whatever shade you find flattering
    Accessories in whatever colours/ you like

  5. Edmund? Is that you??
  6. My friends call me Lucy.
  7. Do what? My wardrobe is whatever i have amassed over the last 15 years that fits me now.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    My entire wardrobe could fit into a capsule - there's damn all in it since I threw out my fat clothes.
    I need new clothes but I hate shopping - it's a bad combination.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I saw how this capsule thingy works in the T'graph yesterday. There was one really manky red skirt costing £35 with a split in it that could allegedly be worn in 6 different ways whether you were young or old. The writer explained how it could be a mainstay of a capsule wardrobe but it looked nasty on everyone wearing it.
  10. Why do you say that? What are the virtues of brown?
  11. Brown looks more expensive, imo. And brown goes with more colours. For example, I wear a lot of navy blue, and black and navy blue just don't go.
    It's a subjective view, I'll admit.
  12. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    OOhh l like boots and l do have a comfy pair of long brown boots!!! so at least l've got a start!!
    l tend to buy bits and pieces at the local Asda !! And then wear tops with jeans.... l sound a right nightmare! Keep thinking it would be an investment to buy one or two 'good bits' but not sure what these should be, and dont want to spend too much if they#re not right!! Summer time is light weight denim crops with flowery next tops and cardy... Winter is dark jeans, black trousers for smart wear ..with tops and cardys!! Think l need to get out of this, but not sure where to go..
    l think a lot of it is confidence, which l don't really have. l saw a lady today ,she must have been in her late 60's and she looked amazing...knee length skirt with black leggings and pumps..she looked great, ...
  13. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Just looked on the net. for advice..first article says' Stella Mccartneys' Cashmere jumper...as a starter for a capsule wardrobe...a mere £425!!! Think l'll stick to Wallis and Asda...who on earth pays that for a jumper!!
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I had a good laugh at the 'perfect 10' capsule wardrobe recommended by the Telegraph - not only was there nothing I'd want there was nothing I'd pay the ridiculous prices for. £900 for a bag? £300 for a pair of boring flat shoes? ...as for shiny patent shoes - they always look like plastic to me!
    I've trawled round endless shops trying to find a pair of black trousers that I like and that actually fit me - I don't understand how that can be so damned difficult.
  15. jeswes

    jeswes New commenter

    I was always wearing jeans and tops and lacked confidence to know what to buy or what would suit me. I booked a session with a debenhams personal shopper who gave me different things to try until I found a look i liked. I would recommend it, its totally free and there is no pressure to buy although i'm sure you would end up buying something! I thought it was well worth it.
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

  17. I've just splashed out on 3 jersey dresses from Mantaray that I wear with black tights and boots having decided that was the look I was going for and it had nothing to do with the fact that I invariably screw my clothes into a bundle that I stuff in my cycle panniers and needed something that didn't look as though I had slept in it under a hedge [​IMG]
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I've been contemplating doing this since I discovered that patterned, shift dresses - which I'd always avoided - are actually very flattering. If I've spent all my adult life not knowing that what else have I avoided wearing that would look good on me? Would a debenham's shopper know? [​IMG]
  19. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I've just bought brown boots - go me. Expensive looking at last [​IMG]
    I wore them in school with a black and brown patterned skirt. I didn't mean to add the purple tights but I put them on in the dark. I left the bedroom light on all day yesterday so I thought it would be cheaper to change from dog-walking wear to work clothes in the dark.
    Good job it was a long skirt!
    As for capsule wardrobes [​IMG] I just have clothes that fit as Seren said.

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