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Capacity Year 2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ellie28, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. ellie28

    ellie28 New commenter

    Any ideas for lessons on estimating, measuring, comparing capacities. Suggesting suitable units and equipment for such measurement, read a scale to nearest labelled division?
    Would appreciate any ideas if you have covered this area before, thanks.
  2. ellie28

    ellie28 New commenter

  3. I dont think there's an easy solution to this one Ellie but I'll let you know what I did if it helps.
    Talked about ml and litres - related it to g and kg.
    Showed them 1 ml of water using a syringe - showed them a 1 litre drinks bottle, can of coke - how much do you think this holds? A container with 1/2 a litre - how much do they think it holds - bring in 1000ml = 1 litre, will this container hold more or less than 1 litre or about 1 litre - table sorting activity. How many teaspoons will it take to fill this container, how many mls in one teaspoon (relate to medicine spoons - should be 5 mls).Use drink containers they are used to - how much does it hold, show them the labels and read how many mls. Hope this gives a few ideas. Oh and fillthis jug to halfway, what does the scale read. What about 3/4 of the way etc.
  4. We did a lesson on this last year where we did the discussuion first about l and ml as Joss suggested and then gave them a sheet with 3 columns on a clipboard.

    Then outside (as it was a nice day or in the classroom if you fancy everything getting wet) we set up a measuring jug (of different shapes and sizes) a large bowl of water with a cup for transferring water and a labelled container (ABCDEF etc - e.g A at base 1, B at base 2 etc) the labelled containers were water bottles, cups, eggcup, bowls etc.

    They worked with a mixed ability partner and went around all the bases filling in their sheet by drawing the labelled conatiner in the first column, estimating the capactiy in the middle and then recording their measurement in the third.

    Hope that helps.

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