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Capacity Lesson Year 3/4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missya, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. I have to teach a lesson on capacity on fri for a year 3/4 class. I have got a TA for the lesson. Im thinking of doing a carousel of activities but my mind has gone totally blank for sensible ideas. Does anyone have any good, fun ideas.
  2. I did a carousel was a bit manic though !! They just loved playing with the water !!!
    1. Play capacity games on PC
    2.read measuring cylinders that I had printed off teaching measures website
    3. I had taken in a load of packets/bottles from my cupboards and got them to find the ml/l written on packaging and order them.
    4. Sheet matching units of measurement with measuring tool with what it is used measure.
    5. Estimate and then measure capacity of container A
    6. Estimate and then find out how many of container B it will take to fill container C
    7. Will container D hold 1000ml ?
    8. Estimate and then find out how many more ml container E holds tahn F
    9. Which holds more G or H
    10. TA on 1 just testing their scale reading skills.
    Took most of the morning
    Next time would get them to play with water first to get it out of their system!!!
  3. this sounds fab. which activites were the best as they only have 2 lessons. how many ch in each group?
  4. Obviously the smaller groups the better but depends on the number of measuring devices and tanks/bowls to hold the water that you have. They all worked quite well. As I said the worst thing was getting them to stop playing !
    Might be fun to finish off if it is a hot day with a relay race carrying cups of water on a tray and see who can tip the most into the measuring cylinder !
  5. thats a good idea i like it.How much time did children spend on each activity.
  6. could you use rice instead of water?
  7. yes you can, ive used rice numerous time instead of water. and it works just as well. The main idea is getting them to read the scale. so it doesnt matter if its rice water sand or something else.

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