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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by briola, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. briola

    briola New commenter

    <font size="3">Hi all,</font><font size="3"> In November I had a lesson observation where i received a satisfactory over all but had a few unsatisfactory elements. I completely disagreed and another time was scheduled to come see me. The then deputy head came to see me, came in late and left after 10 mins. She again said it wasn&rsquo;t good enough. Then at the end of spring term I was given an action plan and a 'mentor' to try and work through these comments. I have since been observed and they acknowledged they had seen all they wanted to, although I am on my second action plan. It has been acknowledged that I have put all the things into place that I should have etc but I'm still Royally ****** off.</font><font size="3">I have come onto here to read about people who have been put onto capability and had action plans and mentors etc. No one in my school has ever muttered the word capability near me. I am just worried that I have been put onto it without knowing, the head has a habit of doing this.</font><font size="3"> Advice please. x</font>
  2. jellycowfish

    jellycowfish New commenter

    Sounds like you have been put on Informal capability proceedings. I had this done to me, and was given an action plan, but no mentor. You need to ask though - if you are on any sort of capability, you should only be given one action plan, and once you've completed that, you can't be given another (according to my Union rep). Mine was given to me as part of a long term bullying campaign to get rid of me. It worked. Ask for clarification, then get on to your Union. Good luck.
  3. Yes, ask them to tell you what your targets for improvement are and to have them referenced to lesson grading criteria and NQT standards if you're an NQT. Don't feel bad about asking, approach it from the point of view that you want to do a good job and you want to please them, so you need to know this!
  4. becky70

    becky70 New commenter

    This has all the hallmarks of informal capability. Scary as it is, you need to ask your head the question directly. You then need to ask about how they feel you are progressing towards your targets. Please speak to your union as well - you'd be well advised to have the discussions i suggest with a union rep present.
  5. Capability procedures should only be used in exceptional circumstances. What you describe here is performance management - and should be addressed in that way. Have you been given scope to revise your targets? If not - why not. Tell your DH outright that they are in breach of performance regulations (which they patently are) and get your union involved to resolve this properly.

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