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capability procedure

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by fabulous1, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. I have been teaching for 18 years and my head has placed me on informal capability procedure for the next 6 weeks. I am not a bad teacher - perhaps a bit too caring! but our head is new, very young and wants every teacher to be 'outstanding'. I have suffered from depression and anxiety in the past and since I found out I have become a wreck- crying at the drop of a hat -I'm not sure I can cope with all the extra scutiny this entails. Also what comes after this if I don't come up too scratch- I'm very worried! Any advice would be welcome
  2. I have been teaching for 18 years and my head has placed me on informal capability procedure for the next 6 weeks. I am not a bad teacher - perhaps a bit too caring! but our head is new, very young and wants every teacher to be 'outstanding'. I have suffered from depression and anxiety in the past and since I found out I have become a wreck- crying at the drop of a hat -I'm not sure I can cope with all the extra scutiny this entails. Also what comes after this if I don't come up too scratch- I'm very worried! Any advice would be welcome
  3. Ronson

    Ronson New commenter

    I can't speak from experience, being new to teaching myself. But I was told a story recently about a head who wasn't a particularly nice sort and, when she got assigned to a new school, did everything she could to get rid of most of the current staff, wanting a new broom approach. I'd document everything and actually find out why you're on capability. And speak to your union.
  4. Hi,
    I have every sympathy with you. I was a dedicated and hardworking Early years teacher and have been there but did not survive. On reflection, my advice would be to ensure that you have a colleague or rep at every meeting you attend. Give yourself time limits and stick to them for even more detailed planning and making additional resources etc. Get other colleagues that you trust to also observe lessons which you could use as additional evidence. Ask friends to look through your planning etc (just for your own reassssurance) but if you are going to get through the next six weeks, ensure that you get ample sleep and realxation- go for walks, swims etc which will also relieve the stress. You wont be able to teach at 'outstanding' if you are tired, stressed and anxious. Also go and see your doctor he might be able to suggest something to help with the anxiety. pm me if you like.
  5. Kelloggs

    Kelloggs New commenter

    Contact your union - I had this last term and it was a nightmare. Have you had an inadequate obs? What grounds has she cited? Argue with evidence and put it in writing eg if she says that the children didn't understand something and you know they did, argue the point and prove it. My head wouldn't accept any evidence though, so I decided that rather go onto formal procedures I would resign - I am now looking for work. It was clear that my face didn't fit, as I know in my heart of hearts that I'm not bad, but I was being made out to be, and she even said that I am not that bad, but it isn't the right setting for me - interpreted as she didn't like me and wanted me out no matter what it took!! Good luck. Oh, and evidence it all to your union, do NOT go into any meetings without a rep with you.
  6. It's a common theme these days. You've been teaching 18 years, so probably on UPS. If you're not `corporate' and don't ingratiate yourself with the right people, they'll get you out. I've just taken a CA and a five-figure sum to leave. It was obvious they wanted me out as a cost-saving measure in an SEN setting so I thought I'd leave with some cash and a decent reference. Fortunately I have walked straight into a maternity cover in a nice school for two terms and I am sure I'll be fine in finding a place where my face fits.
  7. Dragonlady30

    Dragonlady30 Star commenter

    Remember, you need a Union Rep at county level, not school rep. They are more likely to know where this head 'fits' into the county wide pool and they will know their background.
    When/if you are offered support from within school, insist that the HT approaches the staff concerned. That's THEIR job, not yours. (I was offered all sorts of support which never materialised! [​IMG] I wonder why!!!)
  8. Kelloggs

    Kelloggs New commenter

    They MUST offer you support - it should all be logged and you will be given a copy. After the 6 weeks, you will be called in to discuss whether or not you have met any or all of the targets, but they can then change the targets to suit - so if they want you out, it will be a continuous chain of new targets! watch out and be strong.
  9. jellycowfish

    jellycowfish Occasional commenter

    When this happened to me, shortly after challenging the HT over her request for 'volunteers' to work over the lunch period, I was told by my regional rep that once the targets had been reached, no more targets could be set - that was the end of the procedure. But get an official start date - my HT got round the issue by informing me at the end of the 6 weeks, after I achieved everything she wanted, that the incapability procedure hadn't actually started yet......
  10. HadleyDuffs

    HadleyDuffs New commenter

    Hi Fabulous1,
    I just had the same thing happen to me a few months ago. Came as a great shock out of the blue, informal capability procedure with the threat of a formal capability procedure if I did not successfuly pass the 'support plan'. I got my union involved immediately as I was so shocked having never had a unsatisfactory observation it seemed to come from nowhere. I was informed that it was down to my poor results in GCSE (in a subject I was not qualified in) and my inability to progress students. New head, sounds same as yours wants us all to be 'outstanding' in a very challenging school. Get your regional rep involved, I went through 6 weeks of constant lesson observations and proved that I am a good teacher. Its a really stressfull process and my schools idea of a support plan is to get you to use all your ppa's to observer other teachers.

    I am one of many that I know have gone through this at my school and what seems to be a common thread is we all seem to be over 30. Every new teacher is a NQT and lots of the older teachers have suddenly left.

    Good luck - this is just yet another form of bullying to replace older more experienced, and costly teachers with younger cheaper NQTs. Do not have any meetings without your rep.
  11. Follow up all the good advice here to cover yourself in the interim and at the same time do everything you can to get out. Who would really want to work for a head like yours? You deserve better - go grab it!
  12. Have been going through very similar. New head, new, bullying regime. If you don't like it you're in the wrong school etc etc. Love the teaching, totally committed to the students, but the stressful atmosphere is soul-destroying and actually just wrong. It is scandalous that self-important school leaders have the power to destroy the careers, and if you're not resilient enough, the lives of committed, experienced professionals. The goal posts are moved at will, and we all know how easily judgements on lesson observation forms can be justified. Reading so many posts like this on TES make me realise that this is actually a national scandal and desperately and urgently needs to be addressed. Gove's latest announcement is not going to help!
  13. Nope. If anything, it is going to make things worse.
  14. Thanks for all the support,
    I really appreciate it - unfortunately now I'm on the sick for a fortnight. I'm determined to go back after 2 weeks, go through the hoops I'm being asked to jump through, prove them wrong and then leave with my head held high.
  15. ...keep your chin up...its a horrible place to be when placed on CP. I too was in a similar situation some years back and what these FAKKERS dont see is the stress/pressure you are under, not just in school but also at home.
    ....familes also suffer, wives, husbands, girlfriends, kids etc because they have to put up with the depression/stress you are under.
    ..dont get me wrong there should a system to root out inadequate teachers, and we all know who they are!! But to place long standing teachers who to all intents and purposes are excellent practitioners who care about the kids they teach, on CP just because they be a bit more expensive to employ, is legalised criminality.
    ...as I say, these people are total fakkers and I say what goes around comes around and they too will one day get their comuppance
  16. We just have to be strong and maintain belief in our professionalism and integrity. I bet all teachers placed in capability under such circumstances can take comfort from positive feedback from students, parents and colleagues. I agree that it is legalised criminality - the trouble is because it is somehow "legal" it is very difficult to challenge. I have been truly amazed by the lengths that my smt have gone to to dig up and present "evidence" of me falling short of expectations - and that during an "informal" process. Most of us are probably not the type to be interested in presenting counter arguments and keeping the very detailed records needed to do so. After all we have a job to do! What worries me particularly is the narrow definitions of "inadequate" under the current regime. My guess is that most lessons in independent schools would be deemed unsatisfactory as they would not be bound by the prescriptive OFSTED criteria (which change frequently) - how on earth do students get such good results? Mr Gove needs to get into some classrooms and see what really goes on.
  17. Interesting thread especially as I am "under threat" .. I came into teaching later in life with good life experience under my belt. Yet I am not wanted by the school because I am not a say "yes" to everything "NQT".
    I am determined to fight my corner as I don't like being bullied.
    Get help from your GP .. if they have totally demoralised you you will need longer than 2 weeks off.
    Chin up & after every meeting write up your version - Do not be afraid to question their version - Get your Union on board.
    Education will be worse off if they get rid of all the experienced teachers !!

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