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Capability procedings

Discussion in 'Personal' started by hermionegranger2000, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I'm asking because I have a friend who needs advice. I want to give them advice that is correct and hopefully useful.
    My friend is going to go back in September under threat of capability procedings against them. What will happen? (It's secondary by the way.)
    They are very worried.
  2. I'm asking because I have a friend who needs advice. I want to give them advice that is correct and hopefully useful.
    My friend is going to go back in September under threat of capability procedings against them. What will happen? (It's secondary by the way.)
    They are very worried.
  3. Ask advice from your union.
  4. bnm


    Your friend needs to ask for a copy of the policy.
    There will be a meeting to which your friend can bring a work colleague or a union representative. The result of the meeting should be clearly identified actions/expectations for your friends with timescales and support identified.
  5. They were given a copy of the policy before breaking up for the summer, at a meeting the union representative attended and it has been indicated they were not very helpful in this.
  6. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    It is essential that your friend contacts their union office in the area and gets advice and support from the area representative.Essential.
    There is no longer any leaway over capability procedures - you are in capability procedures as soon as it is mentioned and everything must be adhered to properly. It cannot be informal and some heads are using it to crack the whip thinking they can scare and bully staff. You are in procedures or you are not. There is not half way house.
    A good area rep will be essential and can move everything back into place for your friend. The chances are that in September the matter can be resolved and put back into perspective.
    Get the union involved. Now.
  7. Nelly, the area rep attended the meeting and apparently began in quite an assertive manner but then stopped talking as soon as the guide to capability was given to my friend. My friend had been assured repeatedly by the rep that capability wouldn't be an issue. Whether the rep was then embarrassed having been proved wrong we don't know. The point is that my friend has been extremely stressed and upset about it and, as August moves forwards, is becoming more and more anxious.
    They do not feel they can rely on support from the union so the question is, what now? Is leaving the best option: but they don't have a job to go to and are understandably very worried indeed.
  8. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    This is what happened to me. I had an inadequate observation and was threatened with capability. My area union rep sat there saying nothing and laughed when I was given an outline of capability procedures! I just asked if it would be stopped if I handed in my notice and this was agreed. I did get another job and was even promoted strangely enough but it was a soul destroying process to be honest and I still occasionally have bad dreams about that meeting. I wish your friend luck x
  9. Are we persisting with the "friend"? It makes reading the post very difficult.
    The union is not there to automatically take your friend's side. They can support her through the process and check that procedures are being correctly followed. If the rep told your friend there would be no question of capability, then the rep was foolish to make an assurance s/he was in no position to give.
    Capability is now a fact. If your friend has lost faith in the rep, she should contact her branch office and ask for someone else to support her through the proceedings.
    The friend is already in CP. To leave now would in my opinion be foolish. It looks like running away and will be on her reference. I'm not sure but if the friend should get another job, would it fall to the new school to put support and training in place? It would be better, and show more of a willingness to improve, to suck it up, take whatever support and training is offered with a positive attitude, and hope to turn her performance around.
  10. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    In my case lily capability was in the pipeline so to speak but hadn't been formalised so it wasn't on my reference. It sounds as if this is the same right down to a meeting after a holiday where the inevitable would happen. Mine was before Easter - fortunately I got my resignation in before the holiday as well. That said it was a miserable holiday as were the February and may half terms. I don't want to read a post and assume it's identical to my situation but I can see parallels certainly.
  11. Sorry to sidetrack, but is capability down to the individual school to judge? What might be deemed inadequate in one school might seem fine in another?
  12. becky70

    becky70 New commenter

    It absolutely is.
    Certainly a teacher who is deemed inadequate in one school may well be judged satisfactory or better in a different one.
    Only formal capability has to go on a reference so the OP's friend is free to leave - it's up to her school what reference they give. I suspect they will probably be delighted if she offers her resignation.
  13. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    Yep I think so. I had one bad obs, 3 weeks of 'support' (watching someone else teach!) and then told I'd be out on capability. I just feel so desperately sorry for anyone in this position to be honest. I never realized how easy it is to be put in such a horrible position! x
  14. Amazing. I work with a teacher who is beyond terrible. Her lessons are well-planned, nicely-resourced but very badly delivered. Horses for courses - she should never be working in a school like ours. The kids frighten her. She's had three out of four unsatisfactory observations and support nominally put into place, though what that consists of I couldn't say. Most of the time the EAL and SEN kids don't even get a TA.
    But she's never been on capability.
  15. Thank you. The advice is for a friend by the way; if it had been for me I'd have said so. Unsure what else to add.
  16. Don't forget to have a search through the workplace dilemmas forum.
    There are lots of similar stories there.
  17. I had an identical situation as well, and handed in my resignation. I'd urge anyone to do the same.
  18. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Lily's advice is sound. We don't know whether your friend should or should not be placed in capability proceedings (because we don't know the details of her case, nor could we), but whilst it is often the death knell for a person's post (and can end a career), it isn't necessarily so.
    I've certainly had more than one member of staff go into capability and come out the other side - in each case, what I can say is that those who took the advice and training offered did turn their performance around and stayed in post.
    However, the other thing we don't and cannot know is whether the head is acting in good faith with an open mind, or if s/he has already decided that your friend's days are numbered.
  19. I think instinctively you know whether or not it is fair. I knew mine wasn't, and everybody around me was shocked, but I couldn't fight it.
  20. I expect we can all pull out at least one example of someone who was in everyone's opinion unfairly targeted.

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