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Canterbury Christ Church Secondary English Interview - tips?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by eponini, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Hiya,

    I've got an interview for a PGCE in Secondary English at CCCU on Wednesday, and wondering if anyone's got any tips at all? Every other uni seems to give candidates something to prepare but I've just been told to swot up on the National Curriculum and current educational issues, the latter of which terrifies me!

    If anyone could tell me anything about what to expect it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks :)
  2. Hi there :)
    I have a conditional offer from Reading for Secondary English so am happy to share with you how my interview went. Mine was quite informal, we started off with a group discussion (there were three of us) where we were asked to each say what we thought made a good English teacher, what topic/area we were most worried about teaching and whether we thought poetry was relevant. This then sparked off a few questions about whether Chaucer/Shakespeare were still relevant today and a couple of other things (they really listened to what we said and then asked us to elaborate etc.)
    I then had my indervidual interview with the two course leaders which was quite long - they were really thorough but very friendly and again, really bounced off the responses you gave. From what I can remember, I was asked questions about what my degree modules were, what I had enjoyed and hadn't and how I thought these would be relevant. They asked about my experience in the classroom, what I had seen made a really good lesson and what contributed to a weaker lesson. They then asked more specific things such as what Shakespeare play would I teach to a Year 9 class for the first time - they wanted quite a lot of detail here such as why I would choose that play and how I would approach it in terms of what exactly I would do in the first lesson. They also asked what I thought about streaming/setting classes as to there ability but this was more a discussion between us. As for educational issues, we discussed the idea of free schools and literacy rates (including how to get teenagers reading etc). Once the interview was over I then had to go and complete a written assessment which is just to prove that you can put sentences together (I was asked to write about one text I would teach a year 12 class for a comparative essay).
    My advice would be just be yourself, have a sense of humour and show tonnes of enthusiasm. If you can get a discussion going between you and the interviewers then that really helps to build up a rapport and they can see you have clear opinions. Best of luck, hope it all goes well :)

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