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Canterbury 2012 Secondary

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by pauljon1603, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. I started this for people like us.

  2. inara14

    inara14 New commenter

    I have n interview coming up for 11-18 R.E at CCCU and was wondering how people found their interview experience?
  3. Hey,
    I think you might be the same person who posted this on the student room forum too.
    I wrote a reply on there but incase its not you I will write one on here too!
    My interview was for Psychology (14-19) so might not be that similar but I had a really nice interview, it was quite relaxed and more like a chat really! We had a group session where we had a small presentation on what makes a good teacher. We also had the maths and literacy tests which were pretty easy. So all in all, quite a good interview.
    Best of luck with yours :)
  4. My interview was meant to be 9.30 til 5 like yours says but it ran from 9.30 until about 2ish - but there were only four of us at the interview so it didnt take that long for the woman to interview us!
    Yes I've got a place for September which I am very excited about!! After my interview I was convinced I hadn't got in because I only had two weeks experience in a school but it must've gone better than I thought lol!
    Hope yours goes well.
  5. MissHLG are you moving into the area. I am going to be looking to share, and I guess it would make sense to be with other PGCE students.
  6. Hey pauljon,
    Since I only live an hour from Canterbury I was advised to keep living at home so I won't be relocating. I'm sure others will be though so you could try here and student room, would probably be good to live with PGCE students! Wish I could relocate tbh!
    How far away from Canterbury are you living at the moment?
  7. About a 3 hour drive away . They did say not to move to Canterbury at the interview, because Kent is large and probably wouldn't be at a school in Canterbury. I will get in touch with the accommodation office in the next few weeks I think.

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