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Can't sleep

Discussion in 'Personal' started by charlie2, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. Don't know about Rose, but Rosey Palm is my best mate, and has been since I was about 14.
  2. Drink if you have a job, drink if you can't get one, what a profession!!!
  3. Who is going to be still awake in the next few hours - besides me?
  4. I will, if you want me to!
  5. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I'm going to bed. Not alone, because I've just discovered that I have NITS. My partner will have to sleep on the spare bed tonight.

  6. Inky - have managed to avoid that treat so far this year! My TURN will come!
  7. Mixu
    Know you can't wait for half term. Ours started at 3.30 today, great, but I am not rubbing it in as I know that when I return you will have nine lovely days ahead of you. We are off to wet west Wales, definitely without the laptop, will let you all know if the sleep patterns improved.
  8. Charlie2: Why don't you record the Queen's speech this Christmas, then when you have this problem in the future you just put it on and...

    I've tried it and it works. It sends me to sleep of a Chrimbo Affie anyway. And no, in case anyone's thinking, it's not the drink that zonks me!!!
  9. charlie -- watch out for the heavy wind/rain and floods forecast for that region on sunday .. . be careful and send wales my love,as you cross the border.

    enjoy the hols

  10. Charlie - I've also picked the wettest day this year to return to the Land Of My Father. How will I know you on the road? Will your car be wearing a daffodil?
  11. Have heard the forecasts but thanks for your concern Edd. We're used to a "drop" of rain aren't we?
    However, I won't actually be crossing the border, live in Wales (east) holiday in Wales (west). Just to make you doubly jealous!
  12. No daffy, Lily but the driver and passenger will be wearing huge smiles and there will be two terriers (Welsh ones, naturally) looking out of the back window.
  13. well when you pass thro' west glamotgan, think EDD. [east wales eh ... i adore abergavenny -- the gateway to the brecons]. as for the brecon road --- one day they'll widen it


    take care . . and as you pass that sign .. send the home country my love.

    i'll be caerdydd ... on the 9th for the fiji game.

    safe journey colleagues

  14. terriers .. .of the 2 or 4 legged variety?

  15. Edd will give Abertawe a big wave.
    Terrible joke played on my other half in work today - tell Charlie Newport aren't playing to win tonight - thought "what's up down Rodney Parade?" - then colleague added "they're playing Toulouse". Groan!
  16. There'll be 12 legs in the car!!! And it isn't a big car - does that give you a clue!!!
  17. Charlie, are you from Newport?
  18. No, but I do support Newport rugby team - they are losing to Toulouse at the moment, can't bear to watch. Hence all the mails. But don't tell Edd will you - he may go off me!
  19. Have a good halfterm in Wales Charlie and Lily - weather does look grim SO drive safely!
  20. Mixu, have a good break too, weekend and/or half term

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