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Can't sleep

Discussion in 'Personal' started by charlie2, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. Year 6 Open evening on Tuesday and Year 11 and 12/13 before Christmas break. I feel I am a bit of an old hand - are you new to the profession?
  2. No! Been teaching a while now!

  3. Dearest Welsh People
    Am delighted to see that it will be ******* it down when I pass the A4449 dragon - just like old times!

    Has any of you a childhood recollection when it wasn't raining in the background?
  4. come to think of it .... NO

    most childhood memories involved waking up and looking out of the bedroom window to see if we could actually see swansea bay .... [or indeed the devonshire coast]
    ... regretfully i recall lots of cloud cover!

    all too often we would walk to school down the hill, dressed in raincoats only to find that the coastal plain was bathed in bright sunshine!

  5. mind you .. the most specatacular sights were just crossing over the bridge when you leave the M5 and get onto the M50 . to find the entire severn in flood and the rugby posts on the left were almost completely submerged. [that was either last year or the year before]

    then moving onto ross on wye, to find the flood waters actually lapping at the sides of the dual carriageway ... now that was scary!

  6. Surprising really that the welsh aren't better at swimming...
  7. not surprising when one considers the state of swansea bay!
  8. Paddling in it is why my legs aren't as long as Naomi Campbell's!
  9. You must have been knitted too tightly then!!
  10. C'mon you Welsh, we seem to have a few friends north of the border on our side to consider.
    OK Mixu
  11. Who ordered that broody force 10 gale last night!! What with the wind and the crashing of the waves on the shingle I got hardly any sleep, and I have an interview today..............boohoo I want to sleep.............
  12. Morning Charlie!

    Watching Scotland play football (phrase used loosely) last night! We won! So slept like a log!

    Zahra - I know what you mean!
  13. Evening Mixu.
    Pleased to hear you slept well last night. It's Wales v Italy tonight - just heard Bryn sing the nathional anthem, wonderful. But what if Wales lose.
    How did your interview go Zahra?
  14. Heh, Wales are one goal up!!! But can it last...
  15. Interview went well, got home and later the p[hone, well said the chair of governor's I'm afraid you were unsuccessful, you interviewed very well but we had a really strong field, hpowever could you phone the head tomorrow re some supply work.................I ate a half huge tub of cadbury's miniature heroes, Otto was seen to very well, and I am now thoroughly ******. Why can't I get a job?
  16. Charlie - we for some strange reason are watching England who got a shock when Macedonia scored early doors. Unfortunately Beckham has now equalised!

    Come on Wales!
  17. Oh dear Italy have equalised and Macedonia are winning! Crazy! I know it will not last but I live in hope!
  18. .. and living in england we can't even pick up the match on terrestial channels .. and who on earth wants to watch england?

    i've never understood why BBC restricted matches to their relevant countries ..

    as a licence payer -- i demand better service!!!!

    well at least one that allows me to watch my home country, and not the one in which i do my missionary work!

  19. Well said Edd! What can we do about it?

    Blooming England have equalised!
  20. 2-1!!!! 2-1!!!!

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