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Can't sleep

Discussion in 'Personal' started by charlie2, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. LOTF -- yep the A449 .... that wonderful sign, located on the edge of the valley, with the river below, and the beautiful autumnal look on the trees on the hillside.

    can't wait ---

    charlie -- will cu on the 16th -- i'll be wearing my pratt hat as well!

    LOTF are you joining us? [tickets available on millenium stadium, or welsh rugby union website -- £5 kids £10 adults]

    best wishes

  2. Know exactly how you feel except for me its when I see that thistle on the A68 followed by Welcome to Scotland!!!
  3. No, I'll still be doing missionary work amongst the Saesneg. Half term doesn't start till the 18th here (3 and a half more days to go 3 and a half more days to go 3 and a half more days to go....sing along). Training day and hospital appointment account for the other one and a half, JUST IN CASE you thought my maths was worse than it is.
  4. lily

    the dates refer to 9th and 16th of tachwedd, not hydref!

    kick off - hanner awr wedi pedwar each game

  5. Dioun Edd
    Wedi bleno - might sleep tonight!
    And the "Bluebells of Scotland" to you Mixu. (that is meant to be a friendly comment!)
  6. ...but will I?...
  7. Think positively Charlie - of course you will sleep!!??!!

    Its Sunday night and you are in school tomorrow - why shouldn't you?

    Have you done all the marking?

    Are you planned?

    Will you make it to the photocopier in time?

    Will SMT be on your back again?

    If you feel happy with your answers to all the above and many more I can't think of until I try to drop off to sleep then you are okay!

    Night Charlie, sleep tight!

    Mixu x
  8. .....can think of anything that will keep me away until.....

    (must have dropped off while I was typing)
  9. Mixu, God Bless, hope the buds don't bite.
  10. Sorry, meant "HOPE THE BUGS" don't bite1
  11. Yes, thanks Mixu, I think I am Ok! Night, night!
  12. Well I have just finished planning Lit and Num and am wide awake! Still got the foundation subjects to sort out and I just cannot be ***d!! I know I will have to but until I can work up the enthusiam to do so I will troll the strings!
  13. And I am all planned for next week, and I am away for half term...
  14. We seem to be fighting for space on this string - no wonder we can't get to sleep!!!

    Take care!
  15. Mixu, we seem to be almost best friends1
  16. We are certainly becoming sleep deprived pals!

    When is your halfterm - mine not until 25th Oct! Can't come quick enough!
  17. Mixu, at 10'clock on a Sunday evening you should be able to relax, not worrying about Monday.
    You are well organized. Well done!!!
  18. Sunday 13th
    A week in work then half term, but an earlier half term means an extra week before Christmas, swings and roundabouts.
  19. I have been planning on and off all day today - cannot get motivated! Getting to the 'need a holiday' part of the term.

    Have you had parents evening yet?

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