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Can't sleep

Discussion in 'Personal' started by charlie2, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. I incurred wrath after Major (or Tebbit) did the wonderful "are the ***** really english - which cricket team do they support" thing, by announcing that while I would support England against e.g. Spain, never NEVER would I support them against Wales.

    See, that's why I keep the Welsh thing quiet (I don't have an accent) because people make BLOODY ASSUMPTIONS (capitals intentional).

    And I'll have you know Edd, that I cut quite a dash in my afghan coat and cheesecloth dress (but alas it was in 1985).
  2. Did the summer of love come late to Wales then, we had it in '67 but that was in Portsmouth!!
  3. Andy_91

    Andy_91 New commenter

    I often don't sleep much. 4 hours was the norm in my early 20s. I used to cat nap a lot. Not sleeping is mainly a problem when you have a partner - then just get up and go somewhere else.

    Resting is good though, just don't get wound up about dozing off. Like LP I use BBC 5Live. Through the Night which starts at 0100 has pleasant off-beat talk and less pacy news - very easy listening.
  4. I think stress, insomnia and teaching go hand in hand!

    How can you support England if you are Welsh? Dear O Dear!
  5. I don't need much sleep...I never have. There are times when my body says "Time for an early night!", but I'm learning to avoid this, as my mind will, inevitably, wake me up at some ungodly hour. Those who know me well could testify to this.
    Getting to know what works for you, instead of trying to conform to some 'expected' norm, is probably the best way forward. However, I do sympathise with those of you who desperately need to sleep but can't.
  6. We are going away from my original post a bit, but I must put the records straight. I said I would support my Enlish colleagues, ie teaching colleagues but NOT the English rubgy team. Heaven forbid!!! I only support two teams, Wales and whoever is playing England.
    Thanks for the sympathies to the night time problem.
  7. charlie cu in caerdydd on the 9th - wales v fiji?

    and the 16th wales v canda

    and the 23rd wales v seland newydd.

    its a long way from central england to the ground -- but i do enjoy crossing the border going in ..but for some starnge reason i get very depressed crossing it coming out.

    LOL lily --

  8. My favourite trip: driving down the A449 and passing the "Croeso" Dragon when I get into Wales (as it starts to rain)!

  9. Look out for me on the 16th Edd. I'll be the one wearing the silly red hat.
    And Lily, don't the daffies look lovely in springtime?
  10. C'mon you Welsh!
  11. Do the welsh not sleep then? Been to sleep as I'm so tired after waking at 4am with pain in my ankle all week, what happens O/H comes to bed and snores so loud he wakes me up!!! I can't get back to sleep, it's too noisy and don't you dare laugh, it certainly ain't funny!!
  12. We try to Zahra, but why do you mock the Welsh? I am seriously trying to sleep, hence the post.
  13. You are not alone - I can't sleep either! What a pain!
  14. I can't stay awake!
  15. Hi everyone, still wide awake!
  16. Me too Charlie!
  17. It is so encouraging that I am not the only one still awake, and alert.
    Thanks a zillion!!!
  18. I want to be able to go to SLEEP! I get so fed up with myself when I can't. So log on and hope that will do the trick, unfortunately I get caught up on the strings and don't get to bed until very late!
  19. Charlie2 I'm not mocking the welsh, I was puzzled as to why this string was suddenly all about the welsh?
  20. Perhaps it's something to do with counting sheep before bedtime:)

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