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Can't sleep

Discussion in 'Personal' started by charlie2, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. What won't be the same? I'm old like harry and I get easily confused.
  2. Good then nothing will have changed.

  3. Look there's another quarter of an hour gone. I must go. Goodnight both.
  4. Take care charlie! xxx
  5. Seems to be loads of threads for non sleepers. How were you last night mixu? And others?
  6. Anyone still about?
  7. Actually slept through till 5ish this morning, but I did take 4 Nod-off tablets last night.
  8. I can't ...
  9. I cannot sleep when my husband is away on business.!
  10. I have odd nights when I don't sleep ... so annoying isn't it?
  11. It is mixu!
  12. I would be fine if I could sit in my bed with the light on so I could read my book ... but not fair on Mr M.
  13. Well MrLb is not here, but I feel he is still here!
  14. If he was here could you sleep?
  15. Definitely!
  16. LOL ... wonder if I was the only one awake.
  17. notsure

    notsure New commenter


    NS x
  18. Morning to you too
  19. notsure

    notsure New commenter

    am i getting up doing some marking or am i trying to go back to sleep again?

    NS x
  20. Hope you got some sleep

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