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Can't sleep

Discussion in 'Personal' started by charlie2, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. Had a bad night last night.
    Walked around a bit, then surfed a bit.
    How many of you out there log on to TES personal in the wee small hours. Just to give me something to do if there is a repeat tonight. Ta!
  2. Had a bad night last night.
    Walked around a bit, then surfed a bit.
    How many of you out there log on to TES personal in the wee small hours. Just to give me something to do if there is a repeat tonight. Ta!
  3. Hi Charlie2,

    Have been known to be around at 1-5am when sleep escapes me (but not that often as i'm shattered most of the time)
    What kept you awake?
  4. I don't sleep, well I go to sleep then around 2am wake up and come and pruse the postings, you may have noticed some odd times I've posted!! Blame it on a car accident nearly 30 years ago, haven't slept properly since, mind you it cured the migrainea!!
  5. temazepam
  6. Had a bad night myself last night. On TES from 3.30 onwards!

    Isn't it a pain in the backside!!!!
  7. My solution -needs an understanding and/or deep-sleeping partner-is to listen to spoken word cassettes or CDs. I have my favourites; ones that don't have too boring a story but it mustn't be too gripping. I find Hercule Poirot /Sherlock Holmes do the trick. I use them to get to sleep in the first place and then to get back to sleep when I wake in the night usually around 3.30am. BBC world service used to be good but has too many silly jingles now that annoy me. I very rarely if ever get more than 10 minutes into a tape so they last for ages but I do record CDs from:

    I have tried using a walkman and headphones but find I get tied up in them !

    You have my sympathy - its a horrible problem, the more you worry about it and its effects next day the worse it gets.
  8. Thank you posters.
    I'm off to bed now and really hoping I don't post again for awhile.
    Vickygecko - don't know why.
    Zahra - this is not goung to last 39 years is it?
    Mindful - no gruds, no thank you.
    Mixu - yes it is a pain!
    And Grizzly, ta but already tried everything.
    Good night, God Bless
  9. 5 Live - 909 and 693am does the trick for me. Partner HATES it, though. Have tried the headphones but get tangled up and worry about being strangled.

    Can't sleep with my own company. Is this telling?
  10. LP you could always try counting silk flowers for your cake!! I get by with the help of Camomile tea and novels that are easy to read. Can't take Temezepam as it leaves me feeling like I want to go sleep all the next day, same with Zimovane, but do find that NodOff tabs aren't bad. At least you can drink a glass or two of wine and still take them!!
  11. Two Nytol and I'm away with the fairies.
  12. Nytol doesn't work for me! In fact once I get that 'no a chance of sleep tonight' feeling nothing will knock me out! Well, maybe this is not strictly true and a big mallet on the head could work a treat! Nah!

    Happy sleeping folks!
  13. Red, red wine................works a treat until you wake up to go to the loo!!!!
  14. I'm so exhausted at the end of the day that I can barely keep my eyes open past 10.
    Some days I'm in bed by 9.30.
    I am very lucky that I rarely have difficulty sleeping but when I did lie awake in the early hours it was awful so I sympathise with anyone who suffers it on a regular basis.

    It must be so hard.

  15. How long has this insomnia been going on? Is it stress (i.e. job) related? I am getting seriously concerned about the number of posters exhibiting all the classic signs of stress and depression.
  16. Part of the territory. I have my form tutors saying stuff like 'I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and realised that .....' about a student.

    We are all dedicated people who don't take enough care of ourselves. That's why we need this forum.
  17. Hi Lily @ the field
    I replied to to your Ads, Unanswered.
    It is serious. Depression and insomnia, Where do we go to from here? I'm an oldie, how do I encourage the youngsters?

  18. Hi Charlie 2. I'm very impressed! Don't tell me you actually own a pair of shoes and matching handbag? My mum thought them the height of sophistication - but then, we did live in Merthyr!

    The only antidote to all this stress-induced martyrdom is to develop a selfish streak a mile wide. If you dropped dead tomorrow, they'd have forgotten you in two months.

    Reminds me of a joke during the DeadDianaFest:
    "Knock knock"
    "Who's there?"
    "Diana who?"
    See, easily forgotten.
  19. merthyr - eh!!!!!!! when did fashion ever arrive at the wonderul godforsaken town?

    as a 'jack' from the nearby big city ... we always thought that nothing ever happened in that sleepy old mining town. -- apart from car theft, burglary, alcoholism, snooker clubs and of course the stimulants..

    cymru am byth

  20. Well, well. Lily is from Cerysland and Eddbanger is a ------- Jack. This is great!
    Lily, I wouldn't walk around my part of Wales with matching shoes and handbag!!!
    Nos da
    PS Are the Welsh going to highjack this thread?
    PPS My Mum was English so wouldn't really wish to upset colleagues over the border (ie unless Wales beat England in rugby!)

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