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Can't sleep!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by MrsMooShoes, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Hi! Any advice would be appreciated. My LO is 7 weeks old and generally a good sleeper, but over the past couple of nights or so, she has become far more aware of me trying to put her back in her moses basket after her night feeds and often wakes back up. I have been able to settle her eventually, but by which time I am wide awake and then struggle to get to sleep. I seem to have a constant knot in my stomach when it comes to getting some zzzzzs of late, as there is a lot going on at home - my husband is struggling with work and baby pressures - and I think this is also playing on mind. I am scared of getting trapped in a vicious circle of not sleeping when the baby sleeps and this is making things even worse! Has anyone else experienced something similar and does anyone have any tips to help me relax and get to sleep? I know sleep deprivation is a part of being a new mum, but I'm worried that I will struggle to cope with everything if I don't get some decent sleep at night.
  2. Its horrible isn't it when you can't get to sleep and you know this is your only chance. You do need to take care of yourself and make sure you get the rest you can.
    A few tips that might help: During the day get some fresh air and exercise ( a walk with the pram), have a relaxing bath and drink before bed, find some time to switch off and relax- even if its just a few mins. At night if I find I'm not settling I sometimes get up have a drink, go to the toilet etc and then go back to bed. Seems I need to start again if you know what I mean. Perhaps read a couple of pages of a book? My midwife recommended lavender oil on pillow to help relax. Other people will probably have more tips- need to find what works for you.
    Finally if things don't improve talk to your HV or GP about it.
    Best wishes.
  3. I agree that reading can help, it sounds mad to be reading because all you want to do is sleep but it helped my brain switch off. If I frantically just switched the light off and led there praying for sleep I found it didn't come and as you say this is very frustrating when baby IS asleep! I found reading stuff like Harry Potter or even magazines just gave my brain enough chance to switch off...it usually only took a couple of minutes!
    I think though this kind of thing is very common, especially at the stage you are at and it does get better :)
  4. I feel your pain. My twins started sleeping through the night a month ago and I stopped sleeping at all! I'd spend the night on tenterhooks waiting for the inevitable. It's improved a bit now and like historychick says, reading really helps alongside low expectations, ie expect not to get much sleep so you don't stress when you feel awake . The stress causes adrenalin which makes you feel awake and hyper. I'd just accept my fate, read a bit and eventually drop off.
  5. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    It's really hard. My LO is 6 months and has slept through since she was 10 weeks old but I still struggle to sleep properly. I think the quality of sleep diminishes after you have a baby, nature's way of making sure you wake up if baby needs you. My husband regularly wakes me up, in fact the slightest noise wakes me. It's difficult to relax when you know you'll be woken up again and it takes ages to drift off. Once you're in a bad sleep cycle eg baby wakes up every 3 hours for a feed, naturally you wake up to anticipate it.
    The only advice I can give is to accept the lack of sleep to some extent and try to maximise relaxation- limit caffeine and alcohol which can keep you up, get some exercise, if bottle feeding get OH to do some night feeds, spend some time in the evening relaxing. Hope it gets better soon x
  6. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    You have my sympathies, lack of sleep makes everything harder. New mothers are hyper-alert when their babies are sleeping, I think it is actually a hormone that is produced after the birth. My LO is 5 months and I'm just starting to sleep more deeply again. He's just begun to sleep through but I still wake a couple of times and listen out for him. Things that helped me were listening to the radio on headphones before bed, something like radio 4, reading, avoiding caffeine, exercising, not napping after 4pm, a really hot bath with lavender bath oil, errmm...not stressing too much when you can't sleep. Everyone I've spoken too has said they've experienced similar, but just know that it will get better and you will sleep again!! Good luck and enjoy your new bubba
  7. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    When I was pregnant and couldn't sleep (on my phone) I used to look up on Wikipedia ex soviet countries- got me to sleep everytime! The best advice I was given when LO was tiny was to stop thinking 8 hours sleep was some kind of right! Relaxing about it will make you sleep more. Hope it gets easier soon :)

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