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Cant seem to win...

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by splinters, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. splinters

    splinters Established commenter

    Shortlisted for a job, interview today where I have taught and been observed before.
    Just before my interview slot I was told I wouldnt be going forward. I was told there were some issues with my lesson...so i sat and waited for the criticism. I was told my resources were excellent, that I had command of the class and a 'way' of communicating with the kids that helped them learn while being calm but authorative. The lesson was paced well and resources were well used, that I moved around the room helping each student individually, that most students responded well and made good progress......

    BUT.....a few didn't and therefore I should have differentiated better. I was then told there was no doubt I was a good teacher and that I could do the job...but that he had to go on the lesson alone. I explained it was very abstract, with no knowledge of the kids ability, background, prior learning, even their age (only that they were KS3). For the record I only received the itinerary and lesson details late Wednesday evening and I explained such a lesson (practical by the way) would highlight weaker pupils which could be addressed in a following lesson. The lesson topic was quite demanding of lower ability students anyway but I made sure they could all make some progress. I have high standards too, whats wrong with that?

    I have interviewed and observed many staff myself and headteachers have advised me to look at how teachers use resources (and data if provided) and interact with the students and how they respond to them as teaching a one off lesson 'blind' is not a great way to judge ability. Its about their potential not that they fit right in to existing systems.

    Then I find out the department is one of the worst in the school for results and they expect the successful candidate to suggest ways of improving standards and results; something I have a track record of and the interviewer acknowledged that...

    I give up, I really do.

    I dont suppose the other candidates already working at the school had anything to do with it.....?
  2. grussell1

    grussell1 New commenter

    Sounds ridiculous. As a potential candidate you go in blind and all must take this into consideration.
    splinters likes this.
  3. splinters

    splinters Established commenter

    My written task wasnt even reviewed and I don't believe any other candidate had management experience and one was very vague on Progress 8 measures (I have provided INSET on it) yet they 'dismissed' me over differentiation...in a creative task which, by its nature, is self differentiating....

    Im thinking lucky escape...but still feel a little 'short changed'.
  4. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

    Their loss.
    splinters likes this.
  5. splinters

    splinters Established commenter

    Thanks, i'd like to think so ;)

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