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Cant see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Ev11, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Hello all. I think I just need a rant and wanted to see if anyone else feels like me and has survived?
    I am an NQT who ;ast eyar did 7 months long term supply at the most amazing school without completing any nqt year stuff. I moved on to a very 'good school.' Worst thing ever- I constantly feel under so much pressure to be amazing, to have a guided writing group in every single lesson, to teach a lesson within a lesson, to app every child all of the time. I feel I am being watched and all my confidence has been knocked for six. Everyone seems to be so professional, I suppose thats just not me.
    I had not recieved any support but when my observation was deemed inadequate I am now having weekly meetings to check planning. (Which I am sure I should have had before,)
    So now we are having drop ins this week and I am bricking it- I have been glued to my computer trying to work out how to teach fractions and have got no where. I just feel completely frazzled, on edge, low. Its just the fact that I have already been deemed as bad so knowing my bloody luck they will come in when I am teaching the most dreadul lesson.
    I am fed up of working all hours, looking like death, being a snappy cow to everyone, having no confidence whats so ever. ARGH! All for 1 stupid school, so what now? Do I ride it out and hope to God I pass the next term feeling un supported, unliked and unconfident?
    Or gamble and see if I get another job. Then theres a reference and all that jazz.
    Any advice, take pity on me please! And its only Tuesday Xx

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