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Can't get it out of my head

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Mysti, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Today I had a child protection matter at school. I went to find a particular child protection officer who said that she was about to go to a meeting so I would have to find someone else, she reeled off a few names. I tried ringing those ppl and no one picked up.

    I then rang the admin office, and someone told me that so and so was a child protection officer. So I went to her and she had someone in her office. I knocked on the door and said are you child protection officer, she said yes and beckoned me to go on. Now this woman is senior to me, so even though I was conscious of the visitor, but thought because she was ok then it would be ok. Once I told her, she then proceeded to tell me the girl was an attention seeker etc. At this point the initial child protection officer came in the room and smiled at everyone and told me to gi with her so she can deal with it.

    I went back to her office, where she told me off for telling the other 'officer' who want a child protection officer!!!!! And that she wasn't trained!!!!!! And that she had a visitor who we didn't know, who heard!!! I apologized and said admin had told me. Because I was so mortified she eased up.

    What concerns me is that the other woman said she was a child protection officer and she wasn't!!!! I'd like yo report it but I think she is well likedby SMT, it would be my word against hers plus she ua close friends with the real child protection officer I dealth with today.

    What to do?

    Apologies for lack of proper English, but I'm using my mobile to share this.
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Tricky one!
    It depends what outcome you want. At the moment you are upset at yourself for getting it wrong, and what does seem to be somewhat dismissive behaviour from others (and a very short meeting for the real child protection person)..
    The lowest key outcome would probably be for your school to clarify who the child protection people are. We have lists on display in the staff room, and I think on the school network.
    At the moment you are cross. I read it that the 2nd person you tried to tell misled you possibly inadvertently, and encouraged you to discuss confidential matters in front of a stranger. I am not sure of a proportionate consequence of this - probably not a disciplinary matter.
    I hope that you will have calmed down by Monday - and that you will be clearer about what you want.
    I hope that the young lady is sorted as well.
    Most of us have done silly things when under pressure.
    Best wishes
  3. I do feel I was dismissed, the meeting she was meant to go to was next door to her office. I saw the person who she was going to meet with and she was surprised that she had said that to me too.

    I feel really small being treated like that, wish I could be stronger and say you are the protection officer, I found you, you deal with it!

    Do I sound angry in my last post? Eeeks! X

    Excuse my typing again, still on mobile. X
  4. frymeariver

    frymeariver New commenter

    Surely a CP issue trumps a meeting? The designated CP person should have ensured that they knew who you were going to speak to (if it was not going to be them) before they commenced their meeting. Perhaps the onslaught was about them realising that they had made a mistake.

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