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Can't get a place

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jelly86, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    Have been applying for GTP places since last summer but so far have been unsuccessful.
    I am really struggling as I don't understand why.
    Is anyone else having the same problems?
  2. Hi
    Sorry to hear about your problems getting on the GTP.
    Right. Let's begin at the top. I need more info on your situation, what are you going at the moment, what's your education, experience, interview approach, personal statement, etc.
    The more information I have, the more i can help see where you're falling short.
    Have you been rejected without interview, any knowledge you already have about what the GTP is all about, when i know this information, I'll do all I can to help you.
    I'm currently an English GTP student,

    Darryl Westell
  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Firstly GTP is small beer- only 10% of ITT places nationally.
    Then the bulk are allocated for secondary shortage subject areas
    There is also variation depending upon where you live and the number of DRB providers in the area
    Add into this the intense demand particularly as PGCE bursaries have just been cut
    It means fewer places and more competition
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Have you not had feedback that tells you why?
  5. Competition is very fierce at the moment due to training places being cut. All providers have places for science techology engineering and maths graduates. PE applications are up for most providers again. This means that if a science application is borderline on meeting the requirements, it will probably go through to interview, but a PE one that is borderline probably won't in reality.
    Some providers cover a vast geographical area so have masses of applications for few places. Have you looked at other providers?
  6. Wish I knew what to do, strong degree and looking at shortage subject (maths) but not even got to interview stage so far?
  7. I wonder where you've been applying since the summer as most providers are only just receiving their allocation of places for next yet? Only one of the three I've applied to have short-listed. Could it be the same with you? or have you definitely heard you've been unsuccessful? As previously mentioned, there are so few places that many people apply for a few years before being successful. This is my second year of applying. I understand how frustrating it is!!
  8. Have you (the OP and you too, wellbeaten) been adapting (or even rewriting) your application every time? That is important for any job/course application but especially when you have been rejected with the same or similar application from somewhere else.

    If you don't think your subject knowledge and degree are a problem, then have you considered your school experience? Have you worked in a school, or just helped out for two weeks?

    Also, have you asked for feedback? Before that, have you asked the provider what they are looking for? I'm currently on a GTP course (secondary maths), but prior to that I worked in recruitment for many years. Nothing to do with teaching, but the concept is the same - how can you show that you match what they are looking for if you don't KNOW what they are looking for? You could ask in a formal or informal way, but I would suggest informal (but may depend on the personalities involved). They will, of course, give a standard package of marketing blurb saying "the GTP course is suited to ABC" or "we are looking for people with XYZ" but you need to try and find out more than that. If you can't get anything from the training provider directly, try speaking to current or recently-passed GTP trainees; not just any old GTP trainees, but ones doing it through the same provider). They are likely to have a good insight.

    Also, when applying, are you focussing all your efforts on answering the question "why do you want to train to be a teacher"? If so, you should rethink this and look at the question "why do you want to train to be a teacher via the GTP?" and, even better, why that provider in particular.

    Just a few thoughts ... hope it helps.

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