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Cant decide which subject to teach at secondary - D&T or English?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by anon3946, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. You could teach both, eventually. QTS means you can legally teach, rather than legally teach one subject. So long as you can convince your school you can do both, you're good to go.
    Shorted subjects change, so what's shorted now won't necessarily be by the time you finish your degree. It depends on area as well (nationally, English is not considered a shorted subject; in my region, it is).
    Also, consider overall demand: that is, English is a compulsory subject in KS4; not so for DT. Add to that the allocated hours are greater for English than DT.
    I should also add I'm very biased towards English and had a battle in year 9 to get my school to allow me to drop ALL DT instead of taking the required DT element at GCSE (my school were rather strict about producing well rounded individuals. I lost the battle, took Food and still have no clue how to turn my cooker on. A week after my exam, I melted my microwave.)
  2. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    In my opinion DT will soon be the preserve of either really, truly **** schools who cant get kids interested in anything else or confined to FE. There will certainly be redundancies in the area soon especially when E-bac really kicks in.
    Don't get me wrong, in 5-10 years time, industry will suddenly say "we need more engineers e.t.c." and there will be a massive push to get kids doing DT again. Its happened historically and it'll happen again.
    English will ALWAYS be safe as its probably the most core of the core subjects and there will always be demand for good English teachers.
    Having said this, can you cope with analysing Of Mice and Men, Macbeth, An Inspector Calls and Cider With Rosie to death every year for the rest of your career?? at least in DT theres the opportunity for a bit of change and creativity. (cue English Lit shaped daggers)
    Probably haven't helped here actually but its my opinions on the dailema.
  3. Hello,
    I am a DT teacher and I would advise that you go for English. The DT jobs have dried up and the future looks pretty bleak given the emphasis placed on the EBAC subjects.
    There will always be plenty of English posts.
  4. Thanks all - there's some really great advice and opinions there, stuff I hadn't really thought about previously so once again, thanks!

    Had no idea that DT jobs were drying up; although, by way of research, I did spend about half an hour job-searching on the internet for DT jobs in London and Kent (the areas I live in/near) and not much was coming up........so there we have it! Its a shame, I have had about 6 years of experience with CAD/CAM that could have been put to good use in DT, as well as examples of things I've designed/made in my spare time, but as previously expressed I fear that all my training would be for nothing if there were no teaching jobs at the end of it - and teaching is all I want to do, really.

    Excellent point also about analysing the same texts year upon year, again hadn't really thought of that. However, I have been known to read some of my own books several times over if I have enjoyed them, so can only hope this would apply if I taught English!

    I'm going to do a bit more further reading into the syllabuses for each subject, and try and get my head around it all, and will also look at the studying I'd have to do at the OU, which courses are available etc and make my decision from there.

    Once again, thanks all for your help - you've really got me thinking now!
  5. Skyler

    Skyler New commenter

    Hi there!
    I took the OU Lit degree and now teach English in an 11-16 school. I had to choose between English, History and French (all subjects I could have contemplated a degree in and loved) and eventually searched the job lists until I realised that there will ALWAYS be vacancies for decent English teachers.
    English is a pain in many ways - the students have no choice so you always have a disaffected class or two in every year group, especially KS4. Kids hate reading these days. We do tend to follow the same novels/plays/poetry every year although this is changing with the new spec AQA syllabus that we're following in our school and the marking load is AWFUL.
    I love it though; I am glad that I ended up with the Lit degree and that I chose English. If you want to chat through any specifics with regards to OU courses then please feel free to PM me.
    Good luck, whatever you decide.
  6. Thanks for the response Skyler, its great to hear from someone who has the experience of doing the actual OU degree. So how did you find it, overall? Was it a lot to handle, what with set texts to read etc? What courses did you take? The OU are actually renewing some Lang & Lit courses at the moment, so its out with 'Exploring the English Language' and in with 'Worlds of English' and 'Reading and Studying Literature'. All course descriptions look great though, so I'm gradually being won round......

    Like you said, there always seems to be vacancies for English teachers, and what with my experience of writing for magazines and a love of books, I'd hope to have a good chance of getting onto a PGCE/GTP English course once I've completed my degree.

    Speaking of marking, as a primary TA a year or so ago (before I had my second child), I absolutely loved it, and didnt need asking twice by my teacher to go through it for her!! But I guess there are differences in primary and secondary marking...........I have to sort myself out a work experience placement, just to see how your average secondary English class goes.

    Thanks once again, and I'll be sure to PM you with any queries, thanks so much for the offer. I just want to start studying now, I'm so excited - don't want to wait until October!! x

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