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Can't cope and scared of having a break down

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by groovy15, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. groovy15

    groovy15 New commenter

    I have been back at work for over a term after maternity leave. I was disgnosed with post natal depression last year. I am now struggling a lot at owrk and can't cope all I seem to do is work and considering I am part time this is ridiculous. I have no time to enjoy being with my baby I want to cry all the time. There are constant lesson observations which I keep failing and I am having bad thoughts of suicide and hate my job becauseof all the paper work and big brother attitude that has been implemented since I have been back. I can't cope.

    I have a docs appointment for next week but I don't think I can hold on till then I have nbo-one to talk to and think everyone would be better without me because I am a rubbish teacher.
  2. Hi, I could have written this post myself - bar the postnatal depression bit. I, like yourself, am working part time, juggling 2 young children and seem to be working endlessly for school and yet still seem to be getting nowhere and feel like I am rubbish. I had been to the doctors who had diagnosed depression and put me on a waiting list for counselling services. However, last week, I came home from work and felt everyone would be better off without me. I started crying and just couldn't stop. I went to see my GP again and was prescribed anti-depressants and signed off work for 2 weeks. School have been supportive, but I can't help but feel that I am a fraud and can't stop worrying and feeling guilty about work. I hope the meds kick in soon.
    I hope you have been to your GP as has been suggested and are working towards getting better. Let us know how you get on - perhaps we can help each other through this?
  3. Too much is expected of many people and at the risk of being sexist especially women.
    OP get some help straight away. There is good help out there ,sometimes you need to search about a bit.
    Contact Mind ..The Samaritans ...Your GP immediately.

  4. Look at your lovely baby. Could you really deprive her of her mother, the person who loves her most in the world?
    Go to your GP. PND and workplace stress exacerbate each other. If it's treatable PND, then you can be signed off until it's under control, continue being paid, and still have a job to go back to. If it's work and being apart from your baby that's causing the problem, then being signed off should make you feel better quite quickly.
    Some women aren't cut out to do both jobs. I was one of them.
  5. Unless you have excellent support it is in my humble opinion virtually impossible to do both jobs.
    Teaching is an absolute killer and nobody cuts you any slack.
    I know money is a big factor but if there is any way you can cut down/take time out from work consider it.
    Please insist on a GP appointment now and get the help you need.
    Where do you live?
  6. This kind of post really does make me angry. How dare teachers in such a vulnerable position be teated in this way!
    1) What reason have you been given for all the observations?
    2) Are you being observed more than your collegues?
    3) If so have you asked why?
    4) Is your union involved?
    5) Have you sought medical treatment?
    The answers to all the above, apart from 2, should be yes.


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