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Cancelling session

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by cookie3, May 26, 2011.

  1. A tough decision, as a wife and a tutor and a mother of a year 12 pupil I can feel your dilema in wanting to support them both. But I think that if he has been with you since April and his exam is on Friday it would be a shame if you could not fit him in.
    Can you do both? Can you fit him in for an hour before you pick your wife up or after you have brought her home? As a wife I would wait for an extra hour before going home or put up with not having my needs met at home for an hour (obviously it depends on the distance to the hospital and you have not said how serious the operation was). Is your pupil on revision leave, could you fit him in during the day? Cookie
  2. erm


    Clearly, your wife's health is the top priority. I would have thought that in this instance, letting him down is next and the fee is last.
    Is fitting him in at some point today really going to compromise your wife's health though, or is it merely inconvenient? (That's a genuine question as I don't know the details, obviously.)

    If there really is no way to physically fit him in without taking undue risks, could you offer to talk over any issues he has over the phone? (Far, far from ideal I know, but maybe better than nothing from his point of view, with an exam tomorrow. And I would think you wouldn't charge for this so would still lose the fee, but maybe not feel so bad about letting him down as much.)
  3. goatherd

    goatherd New commenter

    Thanks for the replies.
    Wife was ok on return from hospital, so was able to go and do his session - last one as all his exams are now over. Hopefully he will do fine, but decide not to leave it to the last minute as this year, and I will restart with him in September for the A2s :)

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