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Cancelled again

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by jubilee, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Last week I was offered one to 2 weeks' work at a school, starting this Monday, and it was then cancelled as the school had managed to juggle their non-teaching staff to cover the teacher absence.
    Twenty minutes ago I was booked at another school for tomorrow. I immediately cancelled 2 appointments and re-scheduled them only for someone from my LA agency to call back and say that the school no longer needed me as they'd found someone internally to cover.
    If I don't get a booking soon my CRB will lapse with the LA as I haven't worked since early October.
    How on earth are we meant to organise out lives when no-one has any duty of care for us as employees? I'm fuming!
  2. I've just found out that where I am, their School Procurement service is recommending Reed. I feel under pressure by schools to move from my existing agency (the LEA one), to Reed. I don't really want to, the LEA pays to scale and also into the Teacher Pension - does Reed do this?
    I also wonder about the legality, surely the existing agency have introduced me, and so would be entitled to a "finders fee" (from Reed?). The schools do still want me, just on a cheaper basis.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Stay with the LA provision.
    If you do register with Reed as anotehr source of employment at their (lower) rates, with no pension provision and service not counting towards Mainscale Pay progression, they should not be sending you to schools where you have previously been introduced by another employer.
    The school clearly want your services at cheaper rates than they are currently paying you and their permanent teachers!
    The trouble with joining private agencies whilst also witht he LA supply service is that you will then be sent to schools by the private agencies and those schools will be off-limits for work via your LA employer.
    I used to be employed at a school in a neighbouring LA, via their LA supply service. the LA outsourced to anotehr agency and pay was supposedly to scale but only contact hours were paid for, even if working long-term. Pension wasn't on offer because pay came from the agency, not the LA. The school agreed to keep using me for casual supply and let me submit the LA timesheets as per usual. I didn't join the new outsourced agency. It did mean that I could not get random supply work at any other of the authority's schools via the supply register.
  4. ...like I and many others have been saying on quite a few threads, this current situation whereby a lack of duty of care is the norm makes us all fume.
    ...simply put, the agencies/schools involved in this passive 'crime' are jokers in the extreme and I just dont trust any of them anymore as they always seem to break promises and give us supply a really hard time
    ....remember, we are qualified, experienced, professional people who are being treated as ar-ses!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Getting treated with such disdain is not only annoying but it can also be expensive. Twice, I have been en route to a job only to have it cancelled, thus incurring transport costs, all for nothing. Another time, I got to the school only to find that I was only needed for the first two lessons, not the whole days, as I had been told when i accepted the job. This time, I only just covered my fares.
  6. I forgot about the joys of being cancelled. I remember the one where I had driven 20 miles, got in early and when the staff finally showed up "Sorry, you're not needed, we did tell the agency". Nothing like that when you've just put your last £10 in the fuel tank.

    Jubilee, you aren't an employee, but a worker. Think "Mill" worker. No matter how the government try and legislate equal niceness for all, people either work around it, or just not use you. Sadly, some staff are needed to be treated in this manner and if they can't, well, we'll use an alternative

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