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Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by skye78, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. skye78

    skye78 New commenter


    Having had a go at tutoring, is it just bad luck or is it normal for so many people to make bookings, leave you to plan and prepare everything, then call you when you're on your way to say they've changed their mind and/or need to cancel last minute?

    It's happening so much to me and it's so frustrating.

    Any tips on how to avoid this would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. SayItLikeItIs

    SayItLikeItIs New commenter

    Yes, this can happen often. You need a cancellation policy, in which you state your cancellation terms. You could also explain why it is necessary. It gives the clients external accountability and, to be fair, if they have it, then anything goes. It doesn't reduce cancellations completely - there will always be 'genuine' reasons why people need to cancel. But it helps a lot.
    phlogiston likes this.
  3. SayItLikeItIs

    SayItLikeItIs New commenter

    if they don't have it. Sorry - my proof reading's abysmal today.:(
  4. skye78

    skye78 New commenter

    Thank you very much for the advice above. I shall certainly include such a policy in my terms from now on.

    Thank you again!
  5. alsoamum

    alsoamum New commenter

    I charge in advance for a block of bookings and won't reserve days and times without payment. It's the only way to stop all the flaky cancellations.
    JosieWhitehead likes this.
  6. skye78

    skye78 New commenter

    I really think that this is the way forward. Thank you for this! I will do the same in future.
  7. SayItLikeItIs

    SayItLikeItIs New commenter

    The reason I don't charge in advance for a block of bookings is because my fees are towards the upper end, and I suspect that some parents just wouldn't be able to afford a block costing several hundreds of pounds in advance. Does anyone have a feel for what amount parents are prepared to pay upfront?
    treeickle likes this.
  8. alsoamum

    alsoamum New commenter

    My parents pay around £200 for a half term of lessons, depending on the length of term and the frequency of their lessons.

    I've also just had a parent pay in advance for 10 sessions over the summer, to reserve their spot.

    Other people charge up front for a bl9ck of 4, or monthly.
  9. JosieWhitehead

    JosieWhitehead Star commenter

    If your fees are towards the upper end, why don't you consider small group tuition, with perhaps 3 or 4 students in a group, so that they can share the cost of a lesson and all pay 6 weeks in advance? I did this for quite a time and it worked out wonderfully. Young people particularly enjoy sharing their lesson with others.
  10. hoalarg

    hoalarg New commenter

    I used to get this all the time until I changed my cancellation policy. I don't charge in advance. In my policy I clearly state that I charge the full fee for any cancellations because I cannot fill the slot with anyone else as all the slots are reserved. Parents understand this so if they have to cancel they pay.

    Being mucked about like that is unacceptable.
  11. alsoamum

    alsoamum New commenter

    People do what suits them and will push your boundaries to see what they can get away with, and if they can cancel with no consequences then they will do so for all kinds of reasons.

    For me, charging in advance removes the discussion, as so many people will attempt to get around cancellation charges in my experiences.

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