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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by lauradautun, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. lauradautun

    lauradautun New commenter


    According to the internet Canada is crying out for teachers and they are given high points on the visa immigration process. Just wondering if anyone had immigrated there are can offer any insight?

  2. ejclibrarian

    ejclibrarian Established commenter Community helper

    Crying out for teachers?? My understanding is that there is a teacher surplus and many are having to leave Canada to find work. Where did you read this?
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  3. mahipaul

    mahipaul New commenter

    I am a Canadian teacher that had to move to England in 2014 to find a teaching job.
    Actually, jobs are being cut in different parts of Canada as they have recently increased class sizes, as a result, requiring less teachers.

    Many of my colleagues whom graduated from Teacher Training with me stayed and tried to find a job in their towns or other cities, and even after 4 years, many are no longer teaching, tried and gave up, or couldn't even get in the door.

    There are just too many hoops to jump through to end up as 1 CV in a pile of 50 for a substitute job.

    It is nearly impossible to get a full time job right away, so you have to be on-call.

    The jobs outside of Canada are much easier to get. I was quite flexible, as I was 24 and single at the time, it's easy to just pick up and go...which I recommend.

    There is a huge surplus of teachers for a limited number of jobs, and it's not gonna get any better soon. It may, but the prospects are better outside of Canada than within.
  4. worlo24

    worlo24 New commenter

    I have not heard this about Canada but I know that New Zealand need more Primary Teachers and are looking to give great relocation fees to teachers who move there
  5. TeacherMan2019

    TeacherMan2019 New commenter

    Seconded. There are some places in isolated posts on the far north or in isolated First Nation communities, but that's really it. I'd seriously question the credibility of any publication that said Canada needs more teachers!
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