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Can you recommend some good tutor sites which you use?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by downandnearlyout, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Where abouts in the country are you?
  2. Try First tutors, I'm with them. They don't charge the tutor, only the tutee an introductory fee!
  3. Try First Tutors and UK Tutors. The latter charges £11 introduction fee
  4. Hi I'm in south Birmingham/ W. Midlands.
  5. MrMercedes

    MrMercedes New commenter

    I got 1 client through tutors4me (totally free) and 1 client through tutor hunt - the client pays for your details then no further fee after that. I've been registered with them a few weeks and live in the North West.
  6. Try tutors4me, they are free for tutors and pupils. A good site.
  7. DonutBoy99

    DonutBoy99 New commenter

    Look like the same operation to me, just two slightly diffrent business models...
  8. There are a lot of resources on YouTube. One can upload one's bits onto there - it functions as an advertising -stage.
    Sei gegruesst-Ich spreche auch Deutsch und will unterrichten. Ich habe meine eigene Webseite: www.wordroom.org.uk

    Viel Glück aus

    Susan in Lincoln.
  9. Tutors4me got me no clients, but First Tutors and UKTutors have
  10. I am attempting to stop private tutuition now that I have a FT perm role in a school but I have 11 clients at present all from:
    First Tutors
    and word of mouth

    None of these sites charge the tutor and so far as I understand it, the tutee pays around £20 to have tutor details released once tutor has had several email chats to ensure they are a likely match.

    Worked well for me!
  11. I used the paid sites for a while, but felt like they were milking their students/tutors for money. Therefore I have created a site with similar functionality (search by postcode, subject), but which is completely free for both students and tutors. Please take a look - we are particularly looking for tutors to sign up at the moment.
  12. I have most of the free sites mentioned above and have received students from all of them. I haven't used searchtutors though so will try that - thank you!
  13. I don't plan to make money from the site. Right now the hosting costs are cheap, because as a new site it still gets relatively few visitors. If it starts to get enough visitors that the hosting costs mount up, I hope to cover the costs with either donations or adverts.

    Thanks for the feedback. 30 tutors have joined since it launched last month, but still no German tutors. If you can spare the time to register, I'd be glad if you could join.

    I'd likewise be glad you would join, as the site becomes more useful with every new tutor. The aim of the site is to match the paid sites in terms of functionality and ease of use, as I felt the existing free sites were lacking in that regard.
  14. Tutors4Me and Tutorhunt and great. I've had plenty of work from both, all at nil cost to myself.

  15. Osiris. Your wish is my command. I'm glad you reminded me!!!!
    Bis bald.
  16. Hi

    I use www.LessonPark.com which has got me around 20 students now. Registration is free but you do pay a one off fee per student - i.e. the first lesson you do goes to them, but then after that all the money is yours. On average I get a course of around 30 lessons from one contact so it means that i get the money for 29 lessons so i don't begrudge paying it really - money for 29 lessons of 30 work or money for nothing!!!? - easy choice.
  17. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    If you are going to advertise here, at least have a working link.
  18. profmatt

    profmatt New commenter

    And know how to spell "university".

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