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Can you recommend a termly maths assessment/test for primary?

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by eiramyhout, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. We use the Wigan Tests - http://www.wiganschoolsonline.net/
    Some classes do them half termly, some termly.
    We track termly, purely to ensure that every child is making their full potential progress.
    They were set up around the objectives from the Numercy Strategy, so they are not new and they do have a mark scheme that breaks down to sub level.
    The objectives set out at the front of each test so easy to highlight for analysis.
    The same objectives are set for each test becoming progressively more challenging.
    And they are free!
    They provide a great place to start assessment, but there are anomolies eg between how the levels appear at the end of one school year and the beginning of the next and some tests only allow children to get to a certain level (not a problem if differentiation is good because those children potentially able to attain higher levels will be given the next year's paper anyway).
    All that in turn provides an excellent starting point for APP. APP does not need to be onerous - use it as a teaching tool. When there are unexpected differences between one test and the next (and there will not be too many), look at the test alongside what you know the child can do (from other evidence) and in line with the APP grids.
    It has taken some time, but all our teachers are now using ALL sources of evidence to level children's work and are better at questioning the levels they believe a child to have attained. They are also now able to say what level a child is at or working towards at any given point in the year. This works best when staff from more than one class get together to look through the children's work - eventually it reduces time spent on the assessment process - honest!
    Good luck - and if you find a better resource - but remember no one resource will ever give you a clear measure of where a child is at - do let me know - Em
  2. I know this is slightly diverting from the original topic, but it is still related.
    When administering such tests, say for a Year 2 class, would you give all your pupils the same test, or would you give your LA the Year 1 test and the HA the Year 3 test? ie. would you diffferentiate the test? By giving the LA the lower paper you are allowing them to access more of the questions and therefore give you the teacher more information to help with assessing and future planning, or should you just give everyone the same test because that is what they will get when they do SATs and the one test, when combined with your own techer assessment, will be enough info to show the gaps in each childs learning?
    Any thoughts, or experiences from schools would be greatly appreciated.

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