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Can you only use Literacy work to level writing?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lilybett, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. I teach Y3 and am having a blitz on APP and getting on top of all their levels.
    I think the thread title says it all. Is it okay to, say, use some writing done in D&T to help you make a level judgment? Doesn't have to be stuff they did only for Literacy, right?
    Thanks xx
  2. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I'd say that if anything writing done in other subjects offers better evidence that that done during English, as it's less likely to have had any writing input or scaffolding, so there's going to be more independent, unaided work.
    I'm sure you do this already, but it does pay to create a climate where children know that the writing in their science, history, geography, DT or even maths work is expected to be of the same high standards as in their English work. I've seen it all too often where writing standards slip dramatically in other subjects.
  3. Excellent point - so many of my level judgments have me in agony exactly because of the question of adult support and independent work. Thank you, I really appreciate the reassurance.
    And yes, I agree about writing standards across the curriculum. Stupidly enough (for this thread), I wonder if it's because they're so aware that they're being levelled and judged.
  4. Yes. In fact, you actively should do this for reasons as above.
  5. At our last co-ordinators' meeting, the LA made much of the fact that this is something specific that Ofsted inspectors will be looking out for (not that they are the be all and end all). But good schools will already be doing this as a matter of course.
  6. School Boy Error

    School Boy Error Occasional commenter

    We actively DONT assess writing done in English. This tends to be too structured and if you have given them a success ladder or anything it shouldn't be used for APP anyway. It has to be something independant not something that we've scaffolded (so using a success ladder means we've given them a list of things to do).
    In topic work I make a point of not going through the features of the text we are doing so it can genuinely be assessed as independant work. I use anything else I can, RE, History, Geograph, Science, ICT etc.

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