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Can you make any sense of these numbers?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Duke of York, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter


    "The number of people estimated to be sleeping rough on one night in England has fallen for the second year running.

    Government figures showed 4,266 people sleeping outside in the autumn 2019 snapshot, a fall of 9% on the year before."

    "The single night snapshot also showed the first fall in London for six years, with 1,136 people recorded on the night of the count."

    "The new funding will go towards providing "move-on" accommodation for up to 6,000 rough sleepers."

    How many rough sleepers do we have according to the government? Is it 4,266, 1,136 or the 6,000 they are providing new funding for?
  2. mothorchid

    mothorchid Star commenter

    4266 is the number nationally. 1136 is the number in London. 6000 is the number of new places they plan to provide as the number of rough sleepers goes up. I think the new places will be longer/medium term, so will need to hold more people too.
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  3. irs1054

    irs1054 Star commenter

    Rough sleeping by its very nature is a difficult thing to count. Estimates that have appeared have been up to 28,000.

    The wide variation is down to methodology, the Government figures are widely spaced snapshots which may very well bear no relation to the actual figures. Rough sleepers will often hide themselves from anyone that look "official" for fear of getting moved on so to a large degree it becomes a hidden issue.

    Charities that deal with rough sleepers may have a clearer idea but they may end up over-counting. It is a real problem and it is, at least, good that some extra money is being put that way. It is, however, a sticking plaster for a deeper problem, which is lack of social housing. Try to discuss this with the Government and they switch the conversation to "affordable homes" which are anything but affordable.
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  4. afterdark

    afterdark Lead commenter

  5. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    Ah yes, the Cambridge Outreach Team 2000 Season. Off they went at 10 p.m. to do their count. At 11.30 p.m. they were back with their made up numbers because "it was too cold and we didn't want to go up Parkside Multi Storey Carpark". "No they didn't have a look under the bridges down Midsummer Common". "Did you have a look in the yard at the back of the hostel?" "No".
  6. chelsea2

    chelsea2 Star commenter

    Yes - numbers are often estimated, rather than actually counted.
    And, of course, a snapshot is not necessarily representative nor accurate.
  7. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    How would they know? Anything outside the m25 corridor being arable scrubland, after all is said.

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