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Can you make a living out of being a private tutor?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by Lucyjane85, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Ian1983

    Ian1983 Occasional commenter

    Agree with the above. When I did my teacher training a few years ago, I very nearly dropped out in the November as well. In the end, I decided to tough it out and see it through and, with hindsight, I'm very glad that I did.

    I've got no intention of ever being a full time school teacher, but being a qualified teacher as opposed to simply a graduate makes a world of difference to the demand for my services as a tutor.
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  2. -LittleMiss-

    -LittleMiss- New commenter

    Dont write it off just yet, as you get into more classes, you might enjoy it, there is nothing wrong with u doing private tutoring on the side. Also the type of school can make a huge difference ..u could hate 1 and love teaching in another

    SUPER.SUPPLY Occasional commenter

    SO, where do I begin to earn a crust as an ex primary teacher with 19 years experience. Strengths are French Spanish English and maths at primary level. I have extensive experience with SEN and would love 1:1 work but need to earn a wage at least the same as a full time teacher ?

    as it iis, im enjoying the freedom but my money will run out. I'm not afraid to role up my sleeves and get stuck in.
    I know this thread started years ago, it would be great to speak to people just starting out or in their first year.
    question for reva13. Can I have my own led company set up first? Must I? I have no leads at the moment and can't see how I as a primary teacher can earn a living from it.
  4. dafm88

    dafm88 New commenter

    I certainly hope so! I've just quit teaching after 14 years in order to do it!
  5. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    New posters are supposed to be pre-moderated so I've never understood how blatant ads for something which should be illegal are allowed. I have reported this so hopefully it will be removed
  6. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    It has now been removed. It was an ad for a dissertation writing company.
  7. HunniB

    HunniB New commenter

    Dear All,

    I appreciate the original post was made 8 years ago but the initial question is still a poignant one.

    I think you can make a living but I think I enjoy too many expensive things. I’m a secondary English teacher but I have also taught in FE and I now run a department at a middle school.

    I have been privately tutoring since my 3rd year of university and I think I charged my first 11+ client (15 years ago) £16.50 an hour. My rates are now £40 for GCSE, £45 for A Level and £35 for KS3.

    When I was on maternity leave, I tried to make the private tuition self-sustainable as a full-time income for 2 years. My income was around £22k a year but my work hours were unsociable but rather enjoyment. At the time, I was working with an 11+ tutoring company who asked me teach children in classes of up to 10 across the South-East of England. It was a lot of travel but great for my career as it allowed me to eventually branch into middle school teaching and secure a Head of Dept. role.

    Although I now teach and manage Year 5, 6, 7 & 8 during the day I also tutor an A Level Lit client, 2 x GCSE English Lit students and an 11+ client. For the latter, I travel to the outskirts of London so my rate is £45 per hour but I see the boy for two hours a week. I design a homework timetable and inform the family which books need to be ordered so it’s quiet a structured course.

    I’ve just completed the paperwork for my tax return and for April 2019 - April 2020, my earnings have been £15k which I don’t think is bad considering I’m managing a Head of English role as well. I always told myself I would ditch the tutoring once I secured a middle management job but there’s something about private tuition which is unique. I’ve built up my resources on Google Drive and I’m now working with a London-based tuition company to launch a group tuition model using my plans.

    I do think qualified teachers should keep a hand in the classroom as you’re aware of how government pressures can affect what you’re trying to achieve in the classroom.

    I worry now about my teaching career and I think that I would continue GCSE and A Level tutoring as my students leave us in Year 8...and I may eventually return back to secondary teaching. So, for me, I now use private tuition to extend my own CPD. I love working with A Level Lit clients as well as A Level English Language students as it expands your repertoire .

    Anyway, that’s my take on it and I wish you all luck with your tutoring careers.
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