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Can you get pregnant by missing 1 pill.....

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by mermy, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Yes, you can, but it depends on when you missed it. If you miss it within the first two weeks after your cycle and especially between days 7-14 the risk is high. If you miss it after it should be fine.
    I once had the dilemma when at uni and this is how the lady at the sex clinic explained it. I had to take the pill after just to make sure.
  2. I missed it last week which was the week after my period.
    Just feel sick today and dizzy and a couple of people at work have said I look pale "Are you pregnant?" ..........
  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I got pregnant (intentionally!) the first week I stopped the pill. But then I was trying, and i stopped taking it completely, didn't just miss 1.
    Missing it can mess with your hormones anyway and there are plenty of women who have pregnancy type symptoms even when not pregnant after not taking the pill.
  4. A week! Oh Chica! That must have come as a surprise so quickly!
    I think I'm just tired to be honest but 3 people have asked recently and I still feel sick now.
    Wouldn't be a disaster at all if I were but just a few months before mine and hubby's schedule.
  5. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Ha, ha yeah it was a bit of a shock! My baby is due this Saturday....can't believe it!
    You will just have to see how you feel in a few weeks and then do a test.
  6. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    I think in your situation only time will tell now. When is your period due? It could be, but you might just simply feel a bit dizzy due to the drastic weather changes or so. Good to hear that you wouldn't panic if you were. Let us know.
  7. The advice for this has recently been updated - they now say that with the combined pill, missing one or two is fine. It's not the case for the mini pill though so it depends what you're taking. Look up the FPA - I think their website is www.fpa.org or possibly .org.uk I'm not sure, but Google will find them - they have an advice leaflet about missing a pill which I think will reassure you.
  8. The info is here: http://www.fpa.org.uk/Information/Dontpanic/combined
  9. Not sure what type of pil mine is. It's called Brevinor.
    Anyway, did a test tonight but says it's negative. So I guess that that is the result right? Couldn't wait as sooooo impatient. I came home and had a nap and feel slightly better but still sick. I think I have a virus or sickness and poos and there's a lot of it at school at the moment. Anyway, thanks for all your comments........

  10. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Not necessarily. When is your period due?
  11. About 2 weeks.
    Feel better today, sickness feeling almost gone but headache and so tired.
  12. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    The you still have waaaaay to go until eve the most sensitive tests will give you a postive result. Just try and relax the next two weeks. If it is meant to be it is meant to be, otherwise happy trying at a later point.
  13. Oh I thought that the tests gave you an accurate result at any time of the month. Shows how much I know!!!
    I do think that I'm just over tired and got a virus.
  14. Thanks Alison P - I'm getting teary now just thinking about these things. I'm OK Mermy i think! Just so frustrated last night. I've woken up this morning. Feel OK but after not eating properly for almost 2 days, due to feeling sick, I have had diarrhea 4 times this morning. Wouldn't mind if I had been drinking allnight and had a dirty curry!!! Just not sure what to do. I am due to start period next Friday/ Saturday ish. I take the last pill on Thursday I think. I have a test ready. Part of me really wants it to be positive now but I know I shouldn't get my hopes up as it's probably a virus! What prompted you AlisonP to do a test?
  15. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Just hang in there. It is 'only' one week to wait until you can test. Well, I say only, but looking at the TTC thread a week is not that much. It will fly by. Maybe you should treat yourself to a take-away tonight. It can't get any worse and at least you would have a good evening.
  16. I did a test because I had laughed off a couple of comments but over xmas I was having a whine to my sister about how I was getting a belly on me and I had never had a belly before and also that I was going to have to buy some new bras. She said the only time she got a belly or her boobs grew was when she was pregnant. I ignored it at first but I kept niggling away at me so I bought a pregnancy test not thinking it would be positive (in the same shop I bought tampons) it was a massive shock to get the positive result.
    Another reason was that me and the OH had had a blazing row and werent sure about having a future together so I wanted to make sure there wasnt a baby to complicate things if we were to split. However there was a baby and a week later I went for a scan as I couldnt date it (obviously I had an idea it was when I was ill but couldnt be certain). When the picture came up on the screen we could tell exactly what it was (we were expecting a non descript blob) and were amazed to be told I was 13+3. My mind was made up as soon as I saw him on the screen that I would keep him despite it not being planned and the uncertainty of our future. However things have worked out well for us (although the row we had this morning would make people think otherwise!!).
    Take care of your yourself mariposa if you are pregnant you dont want to wear yourself out and if you arent then it sounds like you have a nasty bug. Hope you feel a bit better today. if you need to cry then let it all out I cried a lot during the uncertainty of knowing how pregnant I was and if i would be keeping it etc. xx
  17. My boobs feel a bit sore today but could be anything. Ive eaten a good lunch so feel a but more energised after not having eaten for almost 2 days. Must have been a huge shock for you alisonp. Blimey!!!
    I just cannot believe that 1 missed pill could lead to a pregnancy. Surely not?

  18. I'm not wanting to put too much of a dampner on all this, but to be honest it is highly unlikely that you will be pregnant. If you have been taking the pill for a while the levels of hormones in your body will be nice and high (even if you missed one in the first week). Added to that the chances of having had sex at the right time of the month (roughly mid-cycle, so half-way from start of last period) and having ovulated, it would be quite miraculous.
    If you think how many months people can take to conceive when they are actually trying and aiming for the right days, then the chances of both the pill failing and this happening are quite slim.
    I'm often amazed at the number of symptoms people say they have within a few days of potentially conceiving - at this point the egg may not have even implanted, so hormonally your body doesn't know any different.
    All the symptoms that people state, can be put down to so many other things.
    I probably wouldn't over-do it too much on the wine over the weekend, but at the same time, I don't think you need to worry too much.

  19. I agree with clg1 - highly unlikely. I was on the same pill as you for years and often used to miss one or even two and never got pregnant. In fact it took a good few months to get that pill out of my system.
    Good luck though!
  20. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I think it would be amazing to actually get pregnant after missing only one pill, but I got pregnant in one week of not taking the pill (the first week!) after taking it for over 8 years.
    I had all the symptoms of pregnancy quite quickly, but just put them down to stopping the pill and it being the first full week of term in Sept!

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