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Can you get antibiotics at the chemist?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by anon4046, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I cut my finger a couple of days ago, quite badly, and I'm worried it's infected. Would a chemist sell me antibiotics without prescription? I'll have to wait a week for a doctor's appointment, and our A&E is a new build somewhere deep in the middle of the countryside (very convenient if you've chopped something off. Or not.)
    Getting married on Saturday so maybe I'm overreacting... there is a strange odour lingering around my finger though, and it's a bit swollen.
  2. I think it is doubtful you can get them otc, CK. Is it hot and red? I am a great believer in salt water, a strong solution in boiled water, Cool it before you dip.
    Ooh, a wedding! Lovely!
  3. Go to the chemist and ask for magnesium sulphate paste. It will draw out the infection. That is what happened to my daughter and it did work. If it doesn't work then get an emergency appointment for AB or just telephone and ask to speak to a doctor. In our surgery the nurse would deal with something like that and be able to give a prescripton for AB. You wont be able to buy them without a prescription.
  4. Thanks so much for the replies!

    I will bathe in salt water tonight and ask for the paste tomorrow. Thanks again, really.
  5. I agree with the salt and water (haven't heard about the paste), but what about the 'I'm getting married on Saturday' symptom? This could help you get an earlier appointment - sorry if it sounds cynical, but this is a very important day for the rest of your life!
  6. The salt water is good, the paste is fantastic and then there is the old wives bread poultice which also works.
    Take a clean hankie, a pice of white bread (not the crust) and a kettle of boilong water wrap the bread int hehankie, pour over she water until it is well wetted, once it is cool enough to standwrap the hankie with the bread in it around the finger - fasten with a plaster / bandage or justwrap well and leave for a few hours - perhaps best done overnight - in the morning the pus will have been drawn out into the hankie.
  7. Better? Not had to cancel, I hope??
  8. I think the salt water helped - thanks for asking! Bathed it last night and put on a clean bandage and today it seems much better. Well, at least it doesn't smell like my dog's ears anymore... :)
    Still hurts a bit but not in a worrying way. I took the dressing off today to let the air at it, and haven't put another one back on.
  9. Still on, then, the wedding? Good. I do have every sympathy, since blending my finger on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago. Timing is all.

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