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can you get a second chance for interview?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by seebee86, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. seebee86

    seebee86 New commenter

    One of my friends was unsuccessful for PGDE at strathclyde and the given reason was "unsuccessful interview". Can someone help me with the prospects of a second chance for the interview? Has this ever happened to anyone?

    any help and advice will be deeply appreciated!
  2. Hey, I think the only way to get a second chance is to apply for clearance in August, however I have heard of people getting rejected and then being accepted when people have dropped out. Sorry I cant be more helpful!
  3. they should have been able to phone up for feedback on 26/27th March to find out exactly why they were unsuccessful! They can try to get in through clearance or they might be lucky and get offered a place if someone drops out! Otherwise it is a case of applying again next year!
  4. Unfortunately we were told at the interview that Strathclyde do not give feedback anymore, I think clearance is best bet for this year. Best of luck! :)
  5. Strathclyde haven't given feedback in the past- they are however this year. The dates were the 26th/27th March as someone states above.
    The number was- 01419503736 so may be worth giving it a call. I got in this year but this was my third time, it's worth trying clearing but I think the course is just so popular and competition is fierce. Good luck xx
  6. seebee86

    seebee86 New commenter

    Thanks for all the helpful feedback. Being through the process myself, i highly doubt a consideration for second chance! I thought that clearance allows you to apply to any university if you did not get a place in all of your choices! But looking at the comments, am i right to say that clearance gives you a second chance to contact university and ask them for a place if they have some places left or if someone has dropped out?
  7. Strathclyde will give you feedback, but they don't let everyone know this or they would be inundated! It's how I found out I'd been accepted last year! Many unsuccessful candidates will be kept on record and if anyone drops out/fails to meet conditions of a conditional offer, then there's still a chance of a place. I'm not sure how clearing works exactly, but it is very doubtful that any ITE provider would have places unfilled from interviews.

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