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Can someone help with Ebay (again!) please?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by gorgybaby, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Hurrah! I have sold a couple of things and want to combine postage for three items - I thought I would take off 50p or something like that. I have got an invoice but although there is a section which says reset, and a box which seems to be for alterations (it says + and -), I have tried to put in -1.50 and then pressed reset but nothing happens. Please can someone cleverer than me help?
  2. Somebody cleverer than us will come along in a minute, but I find if you just type in the postage you wish to charge and then 'send' then that should work. Like you I spent ages trying to adjust costs using the +/- and reset and couldn't work it out either (it's bound to be something simple though I'm sure!)
  3. Thanks, I have tried that but will have another go!! (am thinking maybe I should just charge the same postage and pop £1.50 in with the parcel - if all else fails.)
  4. Spannerlady you are obviously very clever. I ignored the reset button and just typed in therevised postage and Send - seems to have worked, thanks ever so much.

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