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Can someone help me find my results as I am crealy a complete idiot!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by mmmredwine, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Ok so I have logged into www.edexcelonline.co.uk - I click on GCSE, I then try to click on results but nothing happens??? There is no arrow next to results like there is for everything else.

    I then try Results Plus as the whole website appears to have crashed.
    I would just like to know the results and have been up 3 times during the night trying to access them and I am 34 weeks pregnant and getting myself very wound up!!!
    THanks for any help
  2. Bless you !!!!
    Results plus is playing silly beggars with me too....I'm trying to get each individual student's unit 3 breakdowns to show them today but I don't think that's going to happen!
    On Edexcel online, click GCSE, Results, but nothing's happening? Hold on...(goes to try) it's working for me....once you get to results, it should give you the "search" option, click on that and then select June 2011 and then find the subject and it WILL give you your results.......
    Let me know if you manage to get on....[​IMG]
    Nicky xxxx
  3. Nope literally if I click on results it does absolutely nothing I wonder if I haven't been given permission or something. Tried all day yesterday, got up at 1am, 3:30 am, 6am so am now slightly ****** off. RIght gonna have to rush around to try and get to school before all the kids now.
    Something tells me this is how the day is going to go[​IMG]
  4. Check your login and password with your exams officer - I know that's no comfort to you just now though.....
    Let me know how you get on xxxxx
    If you don't want to say on here - email: nwyllie@hotmail.co.uk
    Good luck!!!
    Nicky xxxx
  5. v12


    Several things strike me as rather fishy about this thread.
    34 weeks pregnant and the name 'mmmredwine'. Nice image there. The gratuitous use of profane language is not particularly pleasant either - how ever old you are.
    Nicky - (are you male or female?) - don't you know that giving your personal email address to a pupil (we must assume 'mmmredwine' to be of school age until we know different) is rather dodgy to say the least,
    but to finish each of your posts with a bunch of kisses seems to me to be really asking for trouble.
    Do you know each other? Or are you just really really naïve?
  6. FYI - I've been on this forum quite a lot and talked to mmmredwine before......
    I'm only trying to help and being polite about it too......
  7. Presumably she is pregnant now but she has not been forever.

    Why would we assume that on a teachers forum?

    How very strange.
  8. Don't take it personal. Some people are just negative and will always find something to complain about. Well done for trying to help out.
  9. Both mmmredwine and Nicky have been posting on here for ages and have discussed teaching many times. Really just no need for those comments.
  10. v12


    We are continually telling our pupils not to take people they encounter
    on-line at face value for fear of grooming and so forth.
    You will excuse me if I find it slightly strange to see a public conversation which includes multiple kissed attached between two posters who may not have ever met.
    That's not just friendly - that's bizarre.
  11. That's me.... friendly AND bizarre - I do it alot, look on this forum in various places, you'll see me do it there........ [​IMG]
  12. Oh my goodness is this actually genuine???
    Erm yes I am 34 weeks pregnant, in fact I will be 35 weeks tomorrow. I am 29 years of age so have legally been allowed to drink for 11 years and guess what I have only been pregnant for 8 months of that time so yes I do like red wine but no I haven't had any for quite a while - I do truly hope that this is ok with you? If you would like me to provide a blood sample I am sure it could be arranged.
    I have posted on here for several years, I have not been a regular user this academic year, no particular reason I just haven't used it as often.
    I have spoken to Nwylie both on here and via email in the past and we have shared several resources with each other and gave each other advice with GCSE coursework before now. I thought that one of the benefits of this forum was to create good working relationships with other schools particularly for departments like ours where we often have very few people to bounce ideas off.
    I will agree that my post was not the most professional I have ever posted, although not sure why I need to be 100% professional on a forum as I am not around students. However I was very concerned about results and incredibly frustrated at having been up so many times during the night to try and check results and couldn't understand why everyone else was able to get their results apart from me. And seriously a heavily pregnant woman without sleep is not a good combination.
    As to my profane language I hadn't realised that '****** off' was the most abusive and offensive term to ever be used - so I am sorry that my coarsness has offended you, can I suggest you don't teach 'Our Country's Good' you may need counselling!

    However to all other people on here that I haven't insulted so badly I am very, very pleased with results so big smiles this end!! [​IMG]
  13. v12


    That's me told then! [​IMG]
    Congratulations on your results.[​IMG]
  14. If I could "like" this comment, I would!!!

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