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Can someone give up thier responsibility (TLR) due to ill health caused by stress

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by catfish, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. catfish

    catfish New commenter

    I have a work colleague who has responsibility for a year group. They have been able to cope with the stress of this job for 8 years and have had only a few days off in the 10 years of being at the same school. Recently they were off with palpitations and were taken to hospital, they had numerous tests all came back negative for heart issues but work related stress was diagnosed and they were signed off for a week. After returning they are still not able to cope with the workload from that aspect of the job and it is making them ill. They are so annoyed that their body is reacting to this and giving them physical affects. They are now considering giving up their TLR as they still love teaching and being in the classroom. Can they ask to do this due to ill health?
    When they was originally off their sick note just mentioned palpitations not stress as they were worried about it being on their record. They are back at GP again this week (in their own time as still in work). I am insisting they makes school aware this time that it is stress related illness as SMT are continually giving them jobs to do that they have no time for a they are teaching 5 periods.
    Three people in the last few years have given up their pastoral TLRs due to stress.
    Any advice welcome.
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    I have known colleagues give up TLRs for a variety of reasons. It is a sensible head who allows for this to happen in a dignified manner.
    Your colleague should have a chat with the head.
    I have known pastoral responsibilities to be poisoned chalices.
  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    I am sorry that your friend is unwell, and hope that the GP can give helpful advice, and that your friend can follow it.

    It sounds as though there are precedents in the school for people giving up TLR responsibilities (and payments), so that is hopeful.

    However, as a TLR post is part of the approved staffing structure of the school, not just an adjunct to a teaching post, there might be a problem.

    If there is no suitable alternative internal candidate willing to take on this post, the school might need to advertise externally, which would result in over-staffing and hence possibly a redundancy in the subject area of the new appointee.

    But your friend should certainly talk with the HEAD asap, as @phlogiston rightly suggests, to see if this can be sorted amicably so that there is an immediate (we hope) drop in stress.

    Best wishes

  4. catfish

    catfish New commenter

    Hi thank you for your advice.
    The colleague was appointed as a teacher firstly then promoted. I think they would work til the end of the academic year and there are lots of posts needing filling so they maybe able to appoint one of these post with HOY. Unfortunately we have an acting Head so they would be unable to make a decision. I think they do need to make it known that they are ill due to stress before the new head starts just so that it is recorded. I also think they need to have a meeting with their pastoral line manager who is the one passing stuff down. There are 2 HOY off long term at the moment so my colleague is being asked to step up but not much stepping down.
    I left this type of post at the start of my career about 17 years ago as it was an impossible job and moved into curriculum which suits me much better. Not without it's stresses but a different kind. I would never do a pastoral post again. Emotionally draining
  5. HelenREMfan

    HelenREMfan Star commenter

    I loved being a Head of Year and really enjoyed the role and challenges and yes it can be tough. Might it be that there is someone on the staff who would like to help out here? Maybe someone on the year team who would welcome the chance to gain a bit of experience maybe with a view to applying for the post?
  6. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Yes they can!
  7. missRV

    missRV Occasional commenter

    I have no more useful advice but I have been in a similar position to your friend. I had been running a number of additional responsibilities (albeit not paid!) Including HOD in my current school. I had a nervous breakdown last year and was referred to the hospital, took time off work. The head teacher has been lovely, took all my additional duties off me, and now I am back to simply teaching.
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