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Can Secondary Teachers apply for FE Jobs?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by f.a.b, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if there is any formal course/route that a secondary teacher has to undergo before being able to apply for FE jobs?

    I am an NQT and was wondering if it would be possible to just apply straight up for FE jobs- my subject is Science (Biology) and I would really love to teach A Level Biology at College. Is there a number of years I need to work in secondary first? or do I need to do any other course/training?

    Would greatly appreciate your advice.
  2. You can begin teaching in FE straight away. However you must achieve QTLS within two years. It would also be advisable to complete your NQT year and achieve full registration with the GTCE in case you ever want to teach in a school.
  3. I'd definately advise working in a school first. You will learn a lot of valuable techniques which will set you up for FE. I did 5 years in a school before switching to FE.
  4. Maybe! But as a purely FE lecturer working in FE with a lot of long serving school teachers I could disagree with that statement for hours and hours, very specifically on on how those techniques are just not at all valuable at all and some may even be a definite incumbrence!!!

    I agree wholeheartedly with shirtandtie. Get your NQT year done and make sure that you are fully qualified in secondary before you make a move into FE. And do be sure that no matter what anyone tells you you absolutely DO HAVE TO gain QTLS and join IfL and pay for the privilege now!
    When/if you do make the move be prepared to find the nitty gritty to be very different from school teaching. Don't be scared though, you just have to be prepared to re-evaluate some of the skills you will bring with you. Oh, and share those that do work with anyone else [​IMG]

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