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can ofsted really say that?

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by robby64, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. It's difficult to comment on situations where you weren't present when oral feedback was given, but if the HT is absolutely sure that feedback of this kind was given, then it needs to be challenged by the head. In team meetings, the HT is given every opportunity to raise issues, including where feedback has been less than helpful.
    In no way do I want to question what your colleagues say. However, often things are said as part of the feedback that raise eyebrows, such as the 'tear to eyes' comment and it's these things that staff remember. Out of context, it's just silly of course, but there is always a sound pedagogical reason why learning and progress is graded as good, satisfactory or outstanding. The evidence base will need far, far more than 'it didn't bring a tear to my eye'. In fact there's no way that such a comment would appear on an evidence form.
  2. I reckon it depends on whatever "policy" those strange people who screw a living out of demoralising schools and the PBI who man the chalkface, have decided is "the Weeks hit list" ("It's back of the fag packet time again folks so what should we do this week"?.
    It does not surprise me at all. I remember a primary friend of mine guffawing about an ofsted inspector who pounced on her TA (the poor lady was walking hand in hand with a child who had various problems and needed escorting in the playground at break time).
    A dog appeared in the playground.
    This excuse for a supposed intelligent person confronted the startled and somewhat confused TA to demand (I kid you not) "Is there a policy for dogs in the playground and do you know what it contains"?
    SO a comment like "It didn't bring tears to my eyes" is about par for the course I'd say. Ditto comments like "they weren't excited enough" about TRANSFORMATIONS! Do you mean to say there is somebody out there, supposedly making "judgements" about a school and a subject who actually COULD "get excited" about transformations?
    Why am I asking you?
    Of course there is! It is a person who gets "excited" about putting PBI teachers through the wringer.Totally unprofessional (but what do you expect?).
    I met one of these inspectors last week actually. Nice lady. Used to be my wifes headteacher but retired about 12-15 years ago. Still inspecting though.
  3. Couldn't agree more. When we were put in SM, the 'trendy political' hit list was, 'white working class boys underachieving'. Don't hear much of this at the moment.
    The two old geezers we had in, hardly walked around the classroom. In my observation, he got up walked to one pupils asked them did they know that, pointing to something on the sheet, before the lesson, the pupil said no. He then asked what does it do and the pupil told him. He went to another pupil aked the same sat for a further 10 minutes, filling in his forms, and left.
    During the feedback he said they clearly made progress and the lesson was satisfactory.
    Not once did he look at the mountains of data the SMT said I should have.
    The SMT are worse than Ofsted in our place. They haven't got a brain cell between them.
  4. Thank you so much for the playground dog story - made my day!

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