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Can I teach in FE with a BA (hons) primary education with qts degree?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by lauren8811, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. I dont want to teach in a school..i want to teach in college which I don't need to do my induction year to do...yes if I wanted to teach in a maintained primary or secondary school then I would need to complete my induction year. Bur I can teach in an independant school or college without the need to do it.

    Yes you are right..i did ask for advice but your advice has come across in a rude and vile way which not only I have noticed buy many other people who have posted on this thread..

    so you don't think that calling me 'thick' is rude? Which you posted as a reply to the same question that I posted in another thread which I reported you for and was removed.
  2. Don't mind teachered, this is EXACTLY the sort of attitude that is necessary to even get into an SLT position.
    You are absolutely and totally right Lauren, you are awarded QTS at the end of your Teacher Training course. The NQT year is an effective statutory mentored induction year for state-maintained schools.
    I have QTS, I am registered with the GTC(E), I have never worked in Secondary, I teach A-Levels/Degree Courses in FE and always have the option to teach in Secondary. If/when I do, I will be expected to complete an NQT year as I have not ticked this box for the GTC.
    Kind regards,
  3. Context please. I think you will find that I didn't call you 'thick'. In response to you calling me arogant for having the affrontary to take the view that an FE teacher with considerable experience of their subject was preferable to one with none or little, I said that I could call you thick for not seeing that point but that I wouldn't as I respect your right to have your opinion. And for accuracy, I reported you for the initial statement and both were removed.
    Do you not consider that by doing your induction year in the environment for which your qualification was intended, you will be gaining the experience that you will need if you are to teach that subject? You see it troubles me that you want to teach others how to work with young children, but don't want to do so yourself. How do you respond to the question "please Lauren, when you experienced two seven year olds arguing and using abusive language, how did you deal with it?"
    Yes the law is an ass, isn't it? I can set up in business as a lawyer tomorrow, but know nothing about it. See my last point, I think you would do your case more if you had some experience, indeed some desire, to work with young children if you want to teach others how to. In my experiencethe best FE teachers are also the best subject experts.
    Vile? Really? You truly think that? Each to their own. Oh and by counting Beans (no pun) as 'other people' you are playing into the troll's hands.
  4. When you show yourself to be anything but a troll I will take your opinion seriously. Sadly I cannot accept the opinion of someone who uses multiple identities to generally disrupt this forum and attack people.
    See above. You will not find a single person I have managed who will tell you that I am anything but good at my job, theirs are the opinions I value.
    Then why not simply address me by the name I choose to use on this forum? Would you continually attempt to wind me up by mangling my name if we worked together? If you want me to take you and your views seriously, why not start to prove that you are worthy of consideration?

  5. Unlikely, as the GTC has not existed for over a year and the induction standards have now been replaced with standards that make no reference to QTS. I have always found it something of a mockery that school teaching QTS (if indeed it is any mark of professional status) is the only professional title not protected by law. The fact that teachers are proud that they can hold this title without completing their training and that this title cannot be removed even if they are disciplined demonstrates the poor standing of QTS. I am of the view that universities, though they profess to do so, cannot confer QTS in the way they allege to do so - this is demonstrated by the sector's reluctance to accept these qualifications withouta post-qualification formation process.
    And, interestingly, this is exactly the sort of opinion held by those never destined to get into such a position. Yes my friend, those of us who take on the responsibility to lead and manage others have different characteristics.

  6. moonpenny

    moonpenny Occasional commenter

    Andy was a senior manager / principal and his staff liked him so you can be a good manager without the staff/manager divide.When he left to move into the private sector, loads of the teaching staff found him on facebook so they could keep in touch.He gets big hugs off ex students.

    One of the best maths teachers he employed walked off the street and asked if there was any jobs.She had a degree but no teaching qual.They put her through a teaching qualification and now she is head of maths at a school.She had the resillinace and personality to handle the students who were mostly lovely but some had very difficult backgrounds, and as a result needed a firm but supportive atmosphere

    I think workplaces can also be supportive and encouraging to staff but these days are far and few but they do exist and it's managers who can encourage that.The alternate is where there is a culture of dog eat dog unfriendliness and where support is not offered and there is a clear and distant divide between managers and the rest of the staff..
  7. I thought the Teacher Agency officially came into being last April?

    This part of your post made me smile too, as in my experience those who can, teach. Those who can't, (mis)manage! NB. My present bosses are, of course, excepted! :)
  8. Given that the NQT year begins on the first day of the new job obtained after 'graduation', I hardly think that the NQT year will be a refresher, unless the unfortunate teacher fails to secure a post within the first year after graduation'.

    For this reason, I would personally describe the NQT year as a consolidation rather than a refresher period.
  9. Technically, yes the GTC was taken over by the teaching agency last April, however the teaching agency is merging with the national college of school leadership and creating a new agency which is coming into effect from 1st April 2013. I think this is what SKA83gbr was referring to.
  10. Ah right! :) If that's the case, apologies ska83gr! I still feel that the NQT year is a consolidation rather than a refresher period though. :)

    Thanks for the info lauren8811! :)

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